Surveillance Camera System Checklist for the Home and Business

If you thought the world of security is not changing, you might want to think again. Watching the news you get a constant reminder not everyone has great thoughts about you. Murders, robberies and forced entries are always reported and so many people are left wondering what exactly they need to do. Even businesses are having a hard time since every single day someone somewhere, with the help of someone within the company or not are thinking about stealing something from the business. This is the hardest time to do business; lots of thieves within the company and without being always on the look for a loophole to enable them rob or steal.

Rapes and break ins that terrorize people in their posh homes are too many for people who arrive home late to think about especially if the wife and children are alone. The news on TV is full of gory details almost every day. In short, you need to find a business and home camera system of surveillance that can help you to control matters even when you have travelled miles away from home.

Distinct systems to use

You will find a set of home and business system of surveillance with the first one involving lots of hidden video cameras usually hidden in more than one way. However, even as you entertain a hidden video surveillance camera, none has ever stopped any crime but they are terrific at recording the crime as it takes place. The consolation you have as this happens is that the murder, break in or any other atrocity will be awesomely documented for the authorities to do something about it.

Visible camera system

This is another system ideal for both the home and business and has all the cameras clearly visible. To anyone who can see them, there is absolutely no doubt about why they are there. It makes a criminal about to do something stupid to smile since they are being monitored. If you are thinking about crime deterrence, you will find this system one to think about. The criminal clearly knows he will appear on video, evidence that comes in handy once presented in a court of law.


You must know whether you need the surveillance camera system to be wired or wireless since the cost of the equipment will definitely be affected. Wireless camera system indicates plug and play but any wired camera surveillance system requires special cables and Crimpers. For dark areas, the camera should have night vision enabled to ensure everything is covered right from the beginning.

Unique and special features

 Also check whether the system of surveillance provided includes weatherproof and outdoor cameras knowing that they are a little expensive compared to those for the indoors. For those thinking about wireless systems, you could use baby monitors for starters and see if they are the kind of security signal you had in mind before you go for the real thing.

Do not forget about 24/7 monitoring, free technical support and lifetime equipment from the best manufacturers out there. Also, ask for broadband, internet, land line and cellular monitoring platforms, online access to the account, interactive monitoring, free transfer and home automation of the service and much more.


Mark is a technician who installs security systems for premium properties. He occasionally shares his experience via his blog on how technology innovations in home security camera system and how it has made life easier for house owners.