Highest Yielding LED Grow Lights

These days one of the most promising and anticipating fields in agriculture entails growing plants indoors. Whether a commercial scale warehouse grow or home grow in a garage or room, crops can grow inside in any climate, supported by grow lights. Increased population and urbanization has lead people towards indoor farming and this trend is still growing.

The increased trend of growing crops indoors has led the innovation of efficient grow lights such as LED grow lights. The LED Grow light market is expected to increase at a CAGR of almost 25% until 2020.  LED grow lights have only recently entered the global grow light market but are proving themselves in efficiency among the other evolving technologies.

Traditional lighting for the purpose of indoor plant growth has long been used, but LED has proven to be more beneficial. Horticulturists and scientist are aiming on utilizing the LED grow lights for enhancing and upgrading greenhouses. Thus, along with the advancement of the technology, the demand for LED grow lights has risen.

To best replicate the magic of the sun without consuming vast amounts of electricity you need to know which LED grow light to use. All LED lights are characterized with features for indoor plant growth but the specifications do vary on the type of the plants you want to use the lights for. Various experts and professional growers are now supporting the view that G8LED grow lights are some of the highest yielding indoor grow lights. Why G8LED grow lights?

G8LED Grow Lights

G8LED grow lights provide a huge advancement in indoor gardening. These compact yet powerful lights are made with light emitting diodes that have the ability to outdo fluorescent systems and give high intensity discharge grow light technologies a run for their money. G8LED lights provide for quality plant growth that is efficient, easy and top yielding. These lights are specially tailored to meet both the vegetative and flowering stages of the growth for indoor plant photosynthesis.

You can place G8LED lights almost anywhere indoors and vary the distance from the plants to control height, stretching and density all the while achieving remarkable results. The lights generate minimal heat but give great yields. When plants are acclimated to growing with LED technology from the seedling or clone phase, they grow bigger and healthier. As per NASA, plants that are grown under the same spectrum throughout will eventually grow 30% faster and will yield 50% more.

Here’s why G8LED yields more and what growers love about them:

  • G8LED Grow lights are extremely efficient at indoor photosynthesis. The energy that is comes through the outlet goes through the diodes and directly into the plants; there is no wasted energy exhausted as excess heat. The upfront cost of LED grow lights is usually more than traditional lights but the operational costs are significantly lower, allowing the grower to recoup the entire price of the light within a few grows.
  • The Best Spectrum for Plants- the perfect blend of light within the visible range and slightly beyond creates an powerful wavelength ratio resulting in higher yields, debunking the myth that LED lights can not yield as much as their energy guzzling HPS counterparts.
  • Growers have seen G8LED grow lights improve the potency and yield; they help the plants produce more trichomes, improving the flavour and resulting in increased potency of buds during the flowering stage.
  • The G8LED lights are uniquely designed with a fixed spectrum that is balanced for the entire growth cycle. Increasing the red portion of the light is accomplished by adding a flower booster supplemental light during the flowering phase. The flower booster is designed to complement the main grow light by using a denser network of diodes with smaller chip sizes to go hand in hand with the 3w chips that make up the main panel. The combination of the two lights delivers a powerful source of energy to the plants in their most critical flowering phase.


Growers have accomplished quality harvests (more trichomes with high potency and natural odor) with G8LEDs. The lights have a fixed spectrum that is balanced for the entire growth cycle. Go green and grow more with G8LED.

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  • Well, LED grow lights help much when it can save lots of time and money, and even we can grow indoor for plants. However, make sure that you should choose the right ones.

  • LED grow lights are definitely the future, but in my experience, most longer term growers still prefer to stick with traditional HID lighting systems. I do think that will change in the coming years as more and more growers are successful with LEDs. But it will take a while to recover from the damage done to the industry by the large number of cheap and ineffective lights that have flooded the market.

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