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Contribution Guideline:

If you do not have the time to read the contribution policy, if you are not interested in following the policy and yet somehow you expect a link back from our blog, please do not contact and waste our time.

We accept the guest contribution to our website, but we have some contribution guideline to be followed strictly. But if your sole purpose is to get a link for SEO purpose, this is not the place for you.

Topics we accept:

We are looking for well researched, unique and updated informational articles on Home Improvement. The topics can be Exterior and Interior, Garden, Outdoor improvement, remodeling ideas and advice, DIY tips and tricks, plumbing solutions, flooring and tiling, renovation and cover all related to home improvement.

Post Length:

Ours recommend post length minimum 1000+ words or more depends on your topics without your BIO and headline. The short length of the article will be rejected without reading, but this does not mean you can stuff unnecessary information to increase the length.

Post Quality:

  • Articles must have to be written in proper English with maintaining Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation.
  • Use subheading and paragraph to structuring your articles. We reject flat articles.
  • Please do not submit any poorly written, copy or spun article for review.
  • No irrelevant articles to our blog theme.

Link Policy:

  • We don’t allow Do-Follow link, and you can use one relevant anchor link in your article (please do not push, place naturally).
  • Add minimum two/three internal links from our previously published articles that relates to your article.
  • Affiliate, commercial, betting, porn, illegal products links are prohibited.
  • If you want Sponsored post or advertising on our website then email us with the subject headline “Sponsored post” or “Advertising”.


Contact us

and send us the following information

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Which site you want to link
  • Your ideas
  • Add your previously published articles

If we like your ideas or we have any required topics then we will email to you back within 2-3 business day.

After submitting your articles for review, it may take weeks to get the feedback about your articles from our end.


We opened for new writer registration for a limited time. From now, anyone can register and submit their articles for review. But poorly written articles submitter and spammer account will be deleted immediately without notice.

  • You must have a gravatar account. If you do not have any, open here and upload your bio picture.
  • Must use the copyright free image relevant to your content.
  • Must follow the guidelines. Read again before registration.

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    2 thoughts on “Write for us

    • Good morning,

      My name is Heather Di Maio and I work with several home and interior design companies that deal with anything from stairs to tiles to pergolas.

      I came across your site and I have some ideas for interesting articles that I think may be of interest to you.

      How can I go about submitting to you some interesting content?

      I look forward to hearing from you!


      • Thanks for your interest. Please use our contact for to share your ideas. And we allow only No-follow link if you want to place any link in the article. The article should be around 1000+ words, unique and well researched.


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