Common Home Security Myths Debunked

There are myths about everything and home security is certainly no exception. Many believe that burglars only come into their homes to steal large items that they can easily pawn. This is not always the case. Not only do burglars readily take any electronics that they can find, they will also take cash, checkbooks, credit cards and even your passport if they find it. It is important to note the difference in a myth and reality, particularly when it comes to defending your home and family.

Another myth involving home burglaries is that a dog will always protect better than anything else. While dogs will certainly make a burglar think twice about entering your home, some may pay these little furry creatures little thought. Unless you have a huge dog that is trained to take down anyone not normally in your home, your dog may actually be assaulted or even pet-napped when a home burglary happens. While a pet alone cannot protect your home, it can be helpful to advertise that you have a watch dog on the premises. This combined with a quality home security system will do a lot to protect you from burglaries.

One of the most disproven myths regarding home burglaries is that they never happen when someone is at home. This combined with the belief that burglaries only happen at night has caused many to be the victim of theft. Burglars will attack your home whenever they are ready. Your being there will have little effect on a burglary and can be very dangerous. Encountering a burglar is never a good thing. Believing that you are completely safe during the daylight hours and leaving your home security system disarmed is never a good idea. There are many reports of homes that have been burglarized in the daytime.

You should also note that no matter what you to do try to hide your valuables, if a burglar breaks into your home he or she is likely to find them. Having a safe does not necessarily mean that those valuables are protected. Hiding cash in the freezer or under the mattress may seem like a good idea, but again there is no guarantee that a burglar will not find your stash.

You have to take steps to protect yourself and your property and believing myths related to home burglaries is only going to cause you to miss critical steps. Understand that there may not be a set time of day when a burglar will try to enter your home. You should also note that even in the best of neighborhoods, crimes can happen. The only way to fully protect yourself is to have a home security system installed, learn how to properly monitor your home security system and learn other ways of securing your home like locking doors and windows while you are out and even when you are home in the daytime. These steps will ensure that your home is protected as much as possible from the risk of invasion.