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Yearly Household Maintenance Tasks That Should Not Be Overlooked

How organized are you as a householder? Are you the sort of person that always stays one step ahead of your household maintenance tasks, or are you the sort of person that forgets and ends up paying more as a result? If you fall into the latter category then it’s time to pull your socks up – you are spending far more money than you should be on keeping your household up and running. By pre-empting disasters and making sure basic maintenance tasks are carried out, you will save yourself expensive repair bills and pricey out-of-hours call out bills too. Here are some important maintenance tasks that should be carried out once a year without fail:

Clear Out Your Gutters

Your guttering is really important – it is what directs the rain away from your home’s walls, and it also stops puddles gathering at the foot of the walls which can lead to damp problems. If you ignore problems with your guttering then you can expect to have to repaint the external walls, and have to pay for damp removal and redecoration inside too. Poor guttering can have a terrible effect on a house, and the truth is it is really easy to look after them. Once a year, set up a ladder and work around the house, clearing the gutters of any dirt and debris. It is this that, when left in the guttering, causes blockages. This in turn causes the water to spill over the top of the pipes rather than be directed down the vertical pipe. Replace any broken or perished parts – this is a really easy job too.

Get Your Appliances Serviced

Your boiler works exceptionally hard for you – don’t expect it to carry on forever unless you look after it. Every boiler should be serviced at least once a year – this will identify any faults as well as making sure that it is running as efficiently as possible (therefore saving you money on your household bills). An engineer will visit and assess the boiler’s current health, before recommending any parts that need to be replaced. A boiler is just like a car – the more you look after it, the longer it will last. The same applies to your air conditioning unit – this too needs to be serviced once a year to make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible.


By redecorating every year, you are making sure that your house always looks its best. Not only that, by paying close attention to every area of the house, you will be able to identify any problems such as leaks or moldy spots far more easily. A house always benefits from a fresh lick of paint, so make this a priority in your yearly household maintenance schedule.

Looking after your house is an endless task – there is always something else to do. But by keeping on top of the big jobs, you will find it far easier to find the time for the little jobs as and when they crop up.

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