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Pest Control Tips and Tricks

Briefly, rats and mice are obviously the most undesirable neighbors that spoil food and things, spread infections, create noise, dirt and just unpleasant and uncomfortable atmosphere. Usually, mice do not live at those places where rats live, so either you will have to get rid of rats or of mice. Winnipeg specialist in the sphere of home services and pest control describe the most common methods that can help you annihilate rats and mice at your house, apartment or anywhere else.

Rats can live in the cellar in the basement, in ceilings, however, they do not settle in the first available place, because their goal is to survive and reproduce. Hence, a prerequisite for selecting nesting place is the presence of sources of food, water and a safe environment for reproduction. Therefore, in case you find traces of rats, mice in your house follow the advice of pest control specialists. First of all, clean everything, throw all the trash, all the garbage, throw the tanks with food waste away from the property, and repair all the pipes at your home. Create the most uncomfortable conditions for the survival of pests.

If these pest control measures are not enough, and there can be such a situation, because with the onset of fall, winter, cold weather, pests are looking for a warm, comfortable place, you should take other additional measures. Winnipeg specialists know a lot of tricks to get rid of rats and mice even without the need to use some toxic chemical substances. For example, they advise to sprinkle ashes in the cellar floor. Ash causes irritation on the paws of pests, so they usually avoid such places. However, in case the pest problem at your home came out of control, you can use a poison, from which the rat dies in a few hours. Nowadays, it is possible to find innovative toxic chemicals in specialized stores in Winnipeg that prevent the spread of rotting smell. However, the use of poison is always dangerous, if you have a cat, dog or other small pets in your house, you should use the poison very carefully.

In case you have problem with pest, you should not count only on your house cat. Often, cats are afraid of rats. The experience shows that dogs are more likely to catch rats. In the garage or in the barn, as well as in any other enclosed space, rats and mice appear from the crevices in the walls, so you can try to catch them by placing traps on their paths. Winnipeg experts advise to use a proven tool a simple rat-trap. Now rat-traps differ from what they used to be. They are safer and more efficient. It is necessary to put several of these mechanical devices along the walls, on the way to food and water supplies, near holes in the walls. The same applies to the mice, use the mouse traps.

In order to get rid of rats and mice in the apartment, you can use the electronic rat trap or electronic mousetrap, which operate on batteries. In such a trap pests are destroyed with an electric shock. However, such specialized control devices have one disadvantage – both mechanical and electronic mousetraps and rat-traps must be checked daily. You will have to clean them from the captured rodents and replenishing the bait, it is worth to wear gloves to protect yourself against infections.

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