Basic Tips for Roof Repairs

Every homeowner’s fear is a leaky roof. Follow these 5 things that everyone should know while repairing a roof and stay dry inside your home. Safety first! Only venture onto a roof on dry, sunny days. Your roof becomes much more slippery than you may think when damp or wet. When the weather is right, be sure to wear shoes that will grip to the surface, preferably ones with rubber soles. Remember to secure your ladder for the climbs up and down and use safety lines every time. Also, watch out for nearby power lines.

Regardless of the type of roof you have, work to identify the problem area first to carry out repairs. On shingled roofs, damaged shingles will lead to leaks. Wooden shake roofs follow the same principle. On a flat roof, look to the lowest points to find pooled water and damage in the roofing felt. If you are unable to find the source of the leak in bad shingles or puddles of water, inspect the valleys, metal flashings and vent pipes for areas requiring maintenance.

Be sure to maintain your gutters. Your gutters are essential to draining water off your roof and safely away from your house. Keeping unmaintained gutters can lead to a leaky basement or damage to the exterior walls of your home. If let go long enough, the foundation of your house can become unsettled! Since the effects can be catastrophic to the structural integrity of your home, take the time to keep your gutters and downspouts well maintained. Repair damages quickly, before any problems arise. Also, be sure to clean gutters regularly. Spring and fall are essential times to clean out debris, but if you are in an area that is wooded, do spot checks more often.

Watch out for soft spots when walking on your roof. This indicates that the plywood underneath is rotting – or rotted – and will require a major repair, up to and including a full replacement of your roof, and is also a potential safety issues. This is not an amateur job that a homeowner should complete on his or her own, and should the roof collapse under you, this could result in serious injury and costly repairs. Most importantly, know when you need to call in professional assistance. If the damaged area is large or you are unable to find the root of your leak, call a professional roofing repair company. Major repairs should only be undertaken by well-qualified individuals. Additionally, if you are simply unable to determine the cause of your roofing woes, it is best to call for help. Calling in a roofing repair company for large problems and unidentifiable leaks will prevent any potential damage done once it is out of your depth.

Kea Jones

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