Gates and Fencing – Effective Security Solutions for Your Home

For homeowners who are interested in providing added security to their home and garden, it is worth considering erecting secure fencing combined with high strength garden or driveway gates because of the many benefits they can provide.

What are the Benefits of Installing Gates and Fencing

There are numerous benefits to fitting gates and fencing including to your property including higher levels of privacy through to reduced maintenance, however the number one reason is security.

It is a simple fact that by placing a physical security barrier around the perimeter of your home you will be able to achieve increased levels of security with ease. In fact, regardless of the style you select, an addition of this kind will deter most people from trespassing onto your land.

In addition to the security benefits, the installation of high quality gates and fencing around your home will also provide an aesthetically pleasing design statement that can enhance the overall look of the home without breaking the bank in terms of cost.

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What Fencing Options are Available?

When looking to secure the perimeter of your home there are a number of fencing options available to suit the budgets of all homeowners. Depending upon your specific requirements, there will be many different options available to choose from in a choice of metal or timber. As such, before you make a decision as to the correct one for you, be sure to take time to review some of the different styles

Wooden Fence Panels – If you are looking for a quick and relatively affordable method of providing a physical security barrier to the boundary of your property then the addition of some high quality wooden fence panels will be the ideal solution. Available in a range of simple designs, they are lightweight, easy to install yet offer great levels of privacy and security because they are difficult to climb over. Secured in place between 2 posts set into the ground, a wooden fence panel requires no specialist skills to install allowing you to save money off installer prices making them the ideal solution for the budget conscious homeowner.

Metal Fencing – Constructed from high grade materials, the addition of a metal fence around your home will ensure the space remains safe and protected at all times. Offering higher levels of strength than a wooden fence panel, the security levels achieved will be high however due to the open construction of this type of design, privacy levels will not be especially high. As with the wooden fencing options, installing metal fencing panels is easy and as such the majority of homeowners opt to install them on their own.

What Gate Options are Available?

Whilst erecting a fence of some kind will secure the majority of the boundary of your home, you will still need to allow for access on a regular basis therefore a gate will be required to allow for this.

Driveway Gates – To secure the main access point to your property it is important to have a driveway gate in place.  When closed, the physical security barrier will prevent unwanted visitors and trespassers from straying onto your property with ease whilst still providing access to authorised visitors as and when required. Available in a range of designs in metal and timber, the most effective styles are generally around 6ft in height as these are difficult to climb over without being noticed by people passing by.

As an added extra to provide more convenience to the homeowner, it is also advisable to fit an automatic opener that will automate the gates to work by remote control therefore removing the need to manually open and close them each time you enter and exit your property by car.

Garden Gates – In addition to securing the vehicular access point, it is also strongly advisable to secure the pedestrian access points using a garden gate of some form. Although they can be made in an endless selection of styles, you should always opt for a design that can be secured with a lock to prevent anyone simply walking through.

In conclusion, providing increased levels of security to your home is easy and affordable. In addition to this you can also increase the aesthetic appeal of the space leading to increased kerb appeal and wow factor.