Are You Short On Storage Space? 5 Innovative Storage Solutions

One of the problems with modern living is that we can easily end up buried in miscellaneous items. This might not be a problem if you live in a huge house with more rooms than a rabbit warren, but if space is at a premium, or you’re between homes, it almost certainly will be. So what can you do with all your gear? If you are struggling, here are a few suggestions you may wish to adopt.

Have a Clear Out

Sounds obvious, but if you have ‘hoarding’ tendencies, you probably haven’t thought about this solution. Once stuff starts piling up in dark corners, the time has come to have a clear out. Divide everything up into manageable piles and begin methodically going through it all, one section at a time. Sort it all up into four categories:

  1.   Keep
  2.   Re-sell
  3.   Recycle
  4.   Trash

Once you have completed the process, you will be richer and less cluttered, which is a much better state to be in.

Take it to a Relative or Friend

If you need to hang on to some gear, but don’t have the available storage space, try asking for a favor from a friend or relative. They might have some spare space in their garage, attic or basement with your name on it. Assuming it’s only a temporary arrangement until you sort your life out, they should be amenable. Do bear in mind, however, that you might have to return the favor at some point.

Pay for a Storage Locker

Storage lockers are very useful for short and long term storage. Some people use them as an interim solution when they move from one property to another; others rent a storage locker when they have downsized and can’t bear to sell their over sized antique heirlooms. Some people use them as a receptacle for all kinds of rubbish and then forget they have it. Secure containers are an excellent storage solution for larger items. However, you will have to pay rent on your locker, so remember to factor this in to any long-term budget calculations.

Take Stuff to the Office

The office is a good place to dump all kinds of things. It’s amazing what you can stash in desks, filing cabinets, and your employee locker. Obviously you won’t be able to bring in furniture and secrete it in the staff room, but you may be able to get away with leaving a few boxes under your desk for a while.

Buy a Portable Garage

Garages are the most popular place to store items at home. However, if you don’t have access to one, or it needs to be kept free for your vehicles, a temporary garage could be a short-term storage solution. You can erect a temporary garage anywhere and it will protect your belongings from the weather and inquisitive wildlife.

Before thinking about your storage requirements, do make sure you toss out anything you don’t need. It is pointless paying for storage (if that’s what you choose to do) when you don’t have to.