5 Modern House Design Ideas

People are more and more aware of the design of the buildings they live in. It is a golden time for architects because there are so many innovative and inspiring ideas around at the moment. If you are looking to build a new home and are looking for some inspiration then check out these five modern house design ideas.

1. White And Grey

One of the biggest trends in modern house designs is the use of white and grey coloured materials. Almost all current modern homes tend to be different shades of white with sometimes some grey added into the mix.

It is a good idea to follow this tradition. There is something very modern and elegant about white colour. It stands out from the crowd but still provides the house a very sophisticated look.

2. Water Structures

People have a real need to bring the nature to them, especially in urban areas. There is also an urge for the house to provide relaxation to balance out the hectic lifestyles. Therefore many modern house designs incorporate water into the house design.

There are much more small river structures, swimming pools or just small ponds created right next to the houses. There are even a lot more floating house designs available. This does help to provide a calming effect and is a very nice idea to incorporate for your house design.

3. Outside Lighting

Modern house design also incorporates light in a very clever way. But this isn’t only being done inside the house but there is much more focus on playing with lighting outside.

This can create a really nice look for the house, especially when the evening falls. It is a very nice way of highlighting the house design and can add a lot of modernity for your design. It can also help highlight things in the garden or the walk paths, for example.

4. Natural Light Without The Use Of Glass

The importance of natural light in buildings have truly been realised by architects. There is now a real sense of creating spaces that allow the flow of natural light for improving the living conditions.

But glass isn’t the only way to add natural light for modern buildings and the modern house should definitely consider the use of ETFE. For example, Vector Foiltec develops ETFE panels for commercial use and these can add a real modern twist for your house.

5. Living Structures

There is also a lot more focus on green building and different organic materials are taking hold in home building. For instance, it is a really modern idea to go for a living roof material and even create a green garden on top of your house.

This truly helps the house to blend in and brings nature closer to us all. There are also innovations like living concrete that can make a design look more organic. You can find out more about it from this Science Daily article.

The above five modern house design ideas are something worth considering with your building projects.


David Williams loves architecture and design. He is always trying to stay on top of the trends and likes to travel around the world to marvel at the greatest buildings. He is a big fan of modern architecture and art.