Update Your Bed Room with Inspirational Ideas

The decoration process is never over. Every time you get an inspiration to change the settings of your room or to add some items in it. The bed room decoration requires all things in proper matching. The bed, furniture, walls, bed sheets, curtains, and all other material should be in proper ambiance. I will tell you how to update your bedroom.

Choose the best linen for your bed:

We spend almost one third of our lives on our bed so do invest in buying good quality linen. Go for the modern fabric instead of just traditional cotton. The modern fabric these days are tencel and modal made from wood pulp are very unique choice for the bed sheets and pillow coverings.

Change your color scheme:

Up till now if you are having dull colors in your be room this is the time to change them all. Go for bold and bright colors as they are in trends now. It is not at all recommend to fully color the wall with bold color, what you need to do is to paint a wall with sage green or butter yellow and add blood red or orange accents in it. The mix of colors will give life to your bedroom.

Update the lightening in your room:

Bed room is not only the place for rest. There are many activities going on in your bed room like reading, watching TV or exploring your wardrobe to decide what to wear next day. What you can do to update your room with lightening is

  • Add reading light on either side of the bed to enhance the general lightening of you room.
  • Add small bulbs inside your wardrobe so that you will feel great every time you open it.
  • Get the greater natural light by having light window shades.
  • For a romantic look you can place some candles on side table or your dressing table. It will relax you and will give both of you a romantic touch.

Add wall decals:

The decoration of wall is very important. Along with beautiful paint is necessary to add some more charm. Add wall decals to enhance beauty of your bed room. They are available in different patterns like stars, circles so take the one you like.

Decorate the wall with piece of art:

The lovely paintings have an important place in home décor. Now there are different options to use the art work. One such fantastic option is to hang panoramic canvas prints of your favorite art work.

These are some ideas to update your bed room. There is no cap on power of imagination so use your imaginations and make your bed room the one you really want. I hope my tips will help you.