5 Bedroom Decor Trends

Comfort and well being are central focus points in the modern world. We are more and more aware of the hectic lifestyles that we live and want to ensure that we have a nice place to calm down and relax. Decor is one of the best ways of creating this space and decorating your bedroom with the latest trends is a really good idea.

Here are five current bedroom decor trends that can help you create an ultimate comfort zone for yourself.

1. Neutral Colours

The colour code in bedrooms is going to be very simple and neutral. There are no strong, bold colour combinations anymore. Neutral, earthly colours like different shades of white, brown and yellow are rather good options to go with.

Pastel shades are also really popular. It can add a nice little feminine touch for your bedroom and make the space look very welcoming. Consider pastel colours such as lavender and rosy pink.

2. Metallic Glamour

There will also be plenty of metallic glamour in bedrooms. Different metals such as bronze and brass are really trendy right now and will add a splash of luxury into your bedroom.

It is a good idea to go for some metallic furniture for instance. Trend Hunter website provides 44 amazing ideas for stainless steel decor. You can use it as an inspiration when looking for something to add for your bedroom decor.

3. Vintage Look And Feel

It is also a good idea to consider adding some vintage elements for your bedroom. This is a good idea when it comes to the metallic furniture, for example.

Go for some bold vintage furniture like big dressing tables. You can also even get a vintage bed for your bedroom as this will really act as a center point for your room. Go for second-hand and vintage shops and see what you can find.

4. Simple Art

The current trends are also very simplified when it comes to art and small decorative items. It is important that you keep your bedroom clear of clutter and that you don’t hang too many complicated art pieces on the walls.

One of the biggest hits at the moment is the use of vinyl wall art. This is big wall decal that you can place on any spot on the wall. It is even possible to remove it later on if you change the look in your room. There are various online retailers selling vinyl wall art. It is a good idea to check websites like Wall Art for vinyl wall art inspiration and ideas.

5. Hotel Style

Many of the above trends really combine in this last trend of hotel style bedrooms. It is really all about simple pleasures in bedroom and the hotel style really makes you understand this.

The hotel style also means that it is more important than ever to include an en suite bathroom for your bedroom. This is a big thing that naturally doesn’t work in all rooms but if you can get any kind of en suite included it is going to be really trendy right now.