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Interesting and informative facts about intelligent home network solutions

Smart house solutions were designed to automate the living space and give the owner the ability to control your home from any place of the world. All separate subsystems in intelligent building – from the power supply to the alarm and video surveillance – are combined into a single manageable complex, which not only monitors the operation of all equipment and devices, but also recognizes specific situations and reacts appropriately on them.

Smart house includes all the latest technology achievements of safety and comfort. And now you do not need to spend huge amounts of money to get acquainted with cutting edge solutions as unique design, applied in home automation network solutions allow you to take advantage of all the benefits right now!

Let’s look closely on automation network functions. Integration of home intelligent system gives a house owner an opportunity to manage and control heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, fire alarm, video surveillance and house access system, control water and gas leaks. And that is not a full list of functions. You can also control communication network (including telephone), lighting and building power supply system (ATS, industrial UPS, diesel generators) and mechanization of the building (opening / closing of gates and barriers, electric heating of stair case, etc.). What is more important, you can manage from one place your audio and video appliances as well as home theater.

Telemetry function gives an opportunity of remote systems tracking and IP monitoring of the premises – remote systems control through the network. Function of GSM monitoring enables to stay informed about incidents in the house ( apartment, office, facility) and control all the systems remotely via phone (it is possible to give planned tasks voice instructions, as well as get voice reports on the results of the action in some systems).

It becomes easier than ever to lower your energy costs thanks to new products and technologies that help you manage your household appliances and other energy consuming devices. The system of smart house will create a lighting solution that meets your needs and mood. You can easily control the lighting in your home. You can install the required lighting and create lighting scenarios for each situation. However, lighting control is more than just installing proper mood lighting. Today, with ever-growing energy costs, installation of intelligent home solutions can help save energy and improve safety, as well as make your daily life more comfortable.

Climate control function involves measuring and maintaining a set of parameters within the premises: air composition, temperature and humidity. Different systems are used to ensure that: underfloor heating (electric and water), radiators, fan coil units, air conditioning and ventilation systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, air ionizers , etc. There is a necessity to ensure coherent management of all these devices because of climate system complexity. In this case, smart house network plays a role of conductor of the orchestra.

There is an opinion that it is difficult and time consuming to operate such intelligent system, however, it is a misconception. Master of the house is a user program, and all management of house systems is performed through this program. It is possible to control the operation of the system using keypad or touch screen.

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