Living Room

How to Remodel Your Family Room on a Budget

The family room or living room is the place in your home where your family gathers to enjoy each others company. It is a place you go to relax, watch television, or play video games. This room is the central space in your home and because of this it is important that it be a comfortable space that appeals to many personalities within your life. When you find that it is time to remodel your family room many decisions are taken into account, such as your families likes and dislikes, modern trends and most importantly your budget. Remodeling on a budget can be done without sacrificing comfort or design. Here are a few ideas to put you on the path to a beautiful new family room your whole family will love and enjoy.


Choose the color paint you want for the room based on the desires of the whole family. Once you have chosen the color you want to repaint your room in be sure to factor in the little things that you may not think about when repainting the family room. Professional drop clothes can be purchased or for those on a budget, consider reusing old sheets or plastic bags from your last grocery run. This can drop your cost significantly. Instead of buying new paint trays consider making your own out of old shoe boxes or old Tupperware.

Shopping in Thrift Stores

A very good way to cut costs is to shop for furnishings in thrift stores and antique shops. Though you might not be able to custom order that brand new desk, you might just find an antique one, which simply needs some tender loving care, in your local thrift store. Lamps, floor coverings, and accent pieces are easily found in thrift stores for very little cost. You can also find figurines, electronics, and dishware among other treasures.

Old is New!

Once you have bought furniture, consider accessorizing the room with things you already own instead of buying new products. Go through things you may have in storage, and see if something you have not used in years might go perfect with your new décor. That lamp your grandmother gave you 10 years ago might just be the perfect accompaniment to your new curtains.

Rearrange Your Space

When you get that new couch, or brand new end tables, do not put them in the same spaces you had before. Rearrange the room to give it a fresh new look. Place the couch completely on the other side of the room if possible and change where the television is located .

When you are forced to remodel on a budget it can be a very harrowing experience or a fun one depending on your perspective. Scavenging thrift shops, rearranging your space, and reacquainting yourself with old treasures can make all the difference in your new space without your wallet taking a hit as well.