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5 Things to Consider When Staging Your Home

You have found a new place and you are ready to take a new step in your life, but you need to make one more effort in order to do so. You need to sell that old home to finally shut that door to the past. Despite what people may think, selling a house is not merely contacting a real estate agency and putting it up for sale. Such a move would leave you with minimal profit to gain from the sell. Be smart. Stage the home to get the best price possible, AND people willing to pay it.

Pull up your sleeves and venture into the world of home staging to get that saucy check. Here are 5 things you should carefully consider:


If you were buying a house, you would probably like it to be clean and shiny. So, obviously, that is your first step to pumping up the price of the property. Take out the cleaning gear and cleaning products and start mopping, scrubbing, shining, wiping, etc. Get all the dust removed. Shine the sinks and faucets. Make that bathroom look unused. Do some sofa cleaning – who knows what lies under the clean-looking upholstery. Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning are also important – many people overlook the quality of their carpets just because they vacuumed few times. There are always hairs that need a more thorough clean to take out, or there could be some discolouration you neglect just because you are so used to it – unlike the buyers who might make a problem of this.

Do not forget about mold! It is a huge annoyance that could lead to disaster. Check the walls, the floors, and the upholstery. Remove all sources of moisture or dankness. Mold is not only a source of awful odours, but can also lead to health problems. Just a glimpse at a moldy spot can turn off any potential buyer.

Do not be stingy about cleaning. You may even go so far as to hire professional cleaners. A cleaning agency can do wonders for your future ex-home, and the profit it could lead to. Many people that go through the process of home staging use move out cleaning services, so it is definitely a popular strategy. Get the house clean and you can easily boost the value of your home.


After home cleaning is done, look around your house and check if it needs to be repainted – not only to hide a crack in the wall, or a dirty spot on the ceiling that you could never get rid of, but also to make the place look brand new. You should also consider your previous choice of colour. You might be the eccentric type that likes rich colours. It is, however, definitely a good idea to go with neutral themes and hues. White is always a safe choice. Do not have any pretence when it comes to colour, since the main goal is to make it look good for the potential buyer.

Style and Order

If you are leaving furniture behind, it is probably a good idea to have it arranged and not thrown in the garden, or piled up in the corner of the room. Have the tables in the middle of the rooms and arrange the chairs around them in an orderly manner. Make the place look as if you would continue to live there. Also, take a look at the walls. If you are leaving paintings behind too, make sure they aren’t too many and that they are appropriate.

You should also consider your room theme and style. It is probably a good idea to redo it if it is more eccentric. Not everybody is a rich Gothic admirer. An average style is always proper – buyers who do not like it will simply change it.


Do you have a lawn? If so, you should give it some care as well. If they like gardening, potential buyers will want a nice, clean garden space to start from, and some might not be willing to maw the ten-inch grass or remove the entirety of your old rose bushes before they do so.

Even if the buyer is not a gardener by nature, you should nevertheless maw the lawn and present the spacey outdoors of the house that could give you a better deal. If there are old plants you never bothered with, take some time or hire somebody to weed them out. No homeowner will ever want to see around a nice, clean lawn.


Do not shy away from advice. If you have friends or relatives that sold their house, hear them out about the process. Same applies to your real estate agents – they will win from a successful deal as well, so they have no reason to lead you on. Not to mention that, if the agent is experienced, it is always a good idea to hear out somebody who has already sold a few homes. If the real estate agent says you need to hire a cleaning agency, or think that you should repaint the interior with neutral colour, do it all. Professionals know best. The potential for profit is far too big to ignore, just because you have to pay for these renovation projects.

Moving home might be a tedious process, especially when you have to pay more attention to the house you are leaving than the one you are going to. Be patient, follow these tips and everything will pay off in the end.

Heather Roberts - Guest contributor

Heather Roberts is a freelance guest blogger from London, UK. She has got many published articles on various topics such as home maintenance, garden and lawn care etc. She loves to spend her time with family and friends and she also tries to live an eco-friendly life.