Modern Furniture Trends You Might Not Know

In today’s world of sleek designs for modernizing your home it can be difficult to decide on what will go best in your newly remodeled spaces. After working through color schemes for the walls, trim, and windows you find yourself with the overwhelming task of choosing furniture. Here are some trends that may help you make those tough decisions.

Eco- Friendly Furniture

Everything is going green. Designers of modern furniture are aware that society is becoming more focused on the environment, and they are creating designs to match this trend. When searching for Eco-friendly furniture, look for pieces of reclaimed (previously used) and refurbished items, as well as items made from recycled materials.

Multifunctional Items

Going along with the Eco- friendly line of thinking many consumers are purchasing items that have multifunctional purposes. For example: couches with storage bins beneath or beds inside them for guests to use when coming over. A very popular item on the market is Murphy Beds that double as closet space. During the day when you are not using the bed store it in a recessed wall for a larger room. These beds can also double as a couch when stored inside the wall.

Smaller Foot Print Designs

With living spaces becoming smaller; furniture with smaller footprints are very trendy on the market. A corner desk is preferable to a large executive size desk. Flat screen televisions mounted directly on to the wall in comparison to bulky entertainment centers of yesterday. An added benefit to this style is that when your furniture takes up less space your rooms appear more open and have more room to use as you see fit.

Brighter Color Schemes

Color schemes with brighter colors emphasize light and open spaces are trending. Seeing a bright yellow mixed with softer reds and browns is not uncommon in designing that fabulous room for company to enjoy when visiting. Natural light is maximized with choices in furniture which are complementary in color choice.

Specialty Sleep Furnishings

With the stress and long hours of the working world today it is vitally important that people get a comfortable night sleep. Memory foam mattresses are a must buy for any hardworking individual. If a full memory foam mattress is not within your budget, mattress toppers can be purchased for a fraction of the price and still give you the comfort you desire in the bedroom. Along with comfort comes a reduction in distraction in the bedroom. Simpler furniture and more open spaces with little to no electronics in the bedroom is the way to ensure a good night sleep.

It is important to decide what fits your home best based on you and your family’s needs. Remember to keep it open and airy, use colors that will maximize on natural lighting available, and keep the environment in mind when purchasing your furniture. These things will give you the modern home you desire that will last for a lifetime.