Tips For Furniture Placement For An Impressive Outlook!

There are various ways to arrange your furniture but you need to be careful when doing so. Decorating a house is an art that demands both the careful evaluation of the space and the taste of the host. Although the best way to decorate a room to perfection is the trial and error method, there are some tips to keep in mind while you devise the setup of the room.


The rug should cover the biggest part of the floor. If you have an undersized rug it will give a disconnected look to large rooms, while making a small room seem even smaller. If you want an organised look for your room you need to place the rug under the legs of your sofas, bed or chairs. Rugs belong under the furniture, that’s the only way to make them look good. It is always best to consult a removalist.

Couch Placement:

When it comes to couches keep this in mind, they should be given some space. Move the sofa a few inches away from the wall to avoid giving the room a congested look. If you have a small room you can move around the tables and chairs to make some room. In spacious rooms place the couches in a way that they split the room into two portions.


Lighting is an important aspect of room decoration. Place lamps in a way that light is distributed throughout the room equally. Pick a taller lamp as it gives the room the appearance of a high ceiling.

Bed Placement:

The most important element of a bedroom decoration is the bed itself. The bed should be in the opposite direction of French doors. The placing of beds in corners is a good option as well.

Keep The Curtains As High As Possible:

The trick to make the ceiling look higher is by hanging the curtains from the ceiling. It also makes the room spacious. Hang them one or two feet from the point where the window panes. This trick is used to make the window look wider.

The dining table should be placed under the lights:

The dining table should be placed in the center under the overhead light. In case your overhead light is not in the center, which is the case with chandeliers, force them to the center to make the arrangement work.

Large Coffee Table:

If the living room is large get a long but slim coffee table; the reason being that it contributes to the function of the room as well as the artistic sense.

Placement of Dressers:

Dressers always go against the wall. Placing them in the corners make them look weird and dull. If it is not in the center place another furniture item next to it to give it a balanced look.

Mirrors and Paintings:

Make sure you hang a mirror or an art piece 24 to 36 inches over any furniture item. Before you drill holes to hang it to make sure it will look good there, get a paper cutout and decide first.

Don’t Make TV The Centre Of Attention Of The Room:

Save space by hanging the TV on your wall. If you can’t hang it then make sure the TV does not overshadow any main element of the room. Choose a spot wisely.