Living Room

Family Room: A Design That Works For the Whole Family

Some people believe that it is impossible to have kids and still maintain a stylish, tidy and elegant home at the same time. I claim otherwise. While it is much more difficult keeping the whole pace squeaky clean and spotless, it certainly isn’t impossible. The trick is just in organizing the space properly. Here I will share with you some of my tips and tricks on how to design a perfect living space that will suit both you and your children. Read on to find what are the secrets to creating a perfect little haven for the whole family.


When you are picking out the furniture for your family room, there are certain things you should consider. Firstly, when choosing the shapes, it is better to opt for round furniture rather than something with sharp edges. Also, it is a good idea to go for sofas that have removable slipcovers for easy cleaning. Another good idea is placing a couple of colorful ottomans that will work greatly for both adults and children.


In order to try and bring some life to the room, it is a good idea to play with different colors and patterns. Children are known to be quite visual so make sure to choose some fresh and vivid colors for your family room. If you wish to create a cozier and warmer setting, it is better to opt for something that will work both for you and the children. For instance, yellow and orange and even some shades of red can give an amazing vibe to the room. Just make sure to use a lot of colorful decoration and details so the space would look more alive.

Storage Space

Perhaps the biggest issue that most parents encounter is what to do with all the toys lying around the room. This problem can actually be quite easy to manage. The only thing you need is a couple of bins and baskets. The best thing is that you can find all kinds of different basket designs that will look stylish and glamorous and can serve as another decoration piece in your room. Another thing to consider is creating a couple of cabinets and drawers where the kids will keep their toys. Think of a fashionable cabinet with a few drawers where the bottom ones are for the kids and the upper ones are yours. It is really important that their storage space is easy to reach.

Fabrics and Materials

One of the most important things to consider is the choice of fabric. It is crucial to pick out some fabrics that are durable but at the same time easy to maintain and clean. Kids are known to make a lot of mess and are prone to spilling and leaving stains all over the place. That is why it is important to consider materials treated with Nano-Tex that resists spills and stains without changing the fabric’s texture. Another thing to keep in mind is that children love playing and sitting on the floor, so it would be good to opt for some soft and cozy rugs and carpets. For instance, Zado rugs offer a variety of different stylish designs that can serve as a great sitting space but also as a nice decorative piece in your living space.

Creating a modern and classy space that will also be kid-friendly is much easier than it looks at the first glance. It is completely recommendable to go for a family shopping spree and let everybody choose something that they would wish to see in their living room. After all, it is a place where the whole family