Swimming pool

The Best Ways To Utilize Swimming Pools

In some countries, swimming pools are extremely common and most homes have a pool in the back yard, but in colder climates, swimming pools are a rarity and only those who can afford an indoor pool have one. But irrespective of whether you consider a swimming pool to be a luxury or a part of the fixtures and fittings, there is a lot you can do with a pool.

Fighting the Flab

There are lots of ways to fight the flab. Jogging around the park will help, as will staying away from the local burger restaurants, but if you want to tone up as well as lose weight, swimming is a great form of exercise. Obviously your pool needs to be large enough to swim in (some pools are not much more than a glorified Jacuzzi), but as long as it is at least ten meters in length and you spend at least 20 minutes swimming vigorously, you should be able to burn off some calories.

Chilling Out

On a hot day, nothing beats lazing around the pool with an ice-cold beer and a good book. You can soak up the sun, snooze for a while, and when it all gets too much take a dip in the water to cool off. Has to be better than slaving away at the office, right?

Pool Parties

Outdoor parties are massively enhanced when you have a pool in the garden. You don’t have to take inspiration from Hugh Hefner and invite lots of bikini clad babes, but suggesting that your guests bring their swimming costumes is sure to get the party started with a bang. And once the light fades, turn on the pool lights and let the pool rock all night long.

Entertaining the Kids

Kids and water don’t always mix. Water represents a big danger when children are small and can’t swim, so it is important that you make sure your pool is fenced off at all times. But for older kids and children under strict parental supervision, a pool is a fantastic place to play and burn off a bit of steam. Kids will happily swim and play in the water all day long, even if it isn’t that warm. So as long as you are prepared to watch them, the entertainment factor is immense.

Porky Pets

Just like their human owners, porky pets can benefit from some watery exercise. Throw toys into the water and encourage your dog to jump in—the exercise will soon tire him out. You do need to be careful, however, that he can climb in and out of the water easily. If you don’t have easy access steps into the water, don’t let him jump in or you will end up having to lift him out, which is no mean feat if he weighs 20 stone.

A pool is enormous fun. However, you do need to keep a close eye on the water quality. Swimming pools require regular maintenance, so don’t neglect this aspect or your pool will soon look very unsightly.