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Six Simple Interior Decor Tips to Spice up Your Home

Interior décor has been a task that has been left in the hands of interior decorators. Well, someone may argue, that is their profession and they are paid for it. On the surface of it, this sounds like such an excellent argument but upon a closer look, it has some flaws that need attention. Whether the contractor does a good job or not you are the end beneficiary of the whole process. This is because you are ultimately going to be the person who will stay in the house. This means that you need to be aware and be in total control of what goes on around you as far as the interior décor is concerned. You have to be involved and play an active role in the entire process.

Better still you can adopt a DIY approach to the decoration process if you feel that the cost is weighing heavily on you. There has been a wrong perception that has been doing rounds for many years that interior décor is such an expensive venture and only those who are financially able can undertake it. This is not necessarily true. You do not need diplomas or degrees but rather your simple creativity. Leave the expensive devices and equipment to the technical and complex contractors; as for you just keep it simple and affordable.

Below are some tips that will increase your interior décor functionality and usage as you aim towards enhancing the aesthetic elements and general beauty of your home.

Free Up More Space

This is where interior décor begins. Space is very critical and as such you must find ways of creating and enlarging it. To some, this is a process that involves demolition and reconstruction but that is not necessary. There are inventive ways through which you can create more space without hassle and incurring unnecessary costs. You can do this by getting rid of unused furniture and appliances. This is the time of the year when you need to take stock of the things that you rarely need. You can give them away to needy neighbors, sell them off or dispose them if they are in a bad state.

Store Decorations That Are Not In Season

Depending on how long you keep up decorations, you could be having decorations in your house whose season is long gone. Such decorations are no longer serving the purpose and need to be stored away somewhere. This is a point where many people make mistakes. Do not dispose of the decorations because unless they are perishable they will be needed when the season is comes again. By mid January for instance, Christmas decorations should already be off the walls into storage rooms.

Work On your Furniture

Interior décor is more than the paintings on the walls and the colors that go along with them. Interior décor has a connection to each and every aspect of your home. Furniture is such an important component of your home. If left un-arranged, they can spoil the entire interior look of your home. To get the best out of your furniture, ensure that they are well arranged and are in tune with the overall interior theme. Any broken or aged furniture should be retired.

Remove All Picture Frames and Figurines That Are Destructive

Of course at the time of purchase these ornamental items and picture frames were good and loved by everyone. With time they have become outdated and their appeal fades. This makes them unappealing to the decorative atmosphere of your home. They may in fact clutter your space and spoil the overall look it. Keep the décor simple and opt for fewer displays as this is the modern way to go.

Replace Carpets

You can either rearrange or put the carpets somewhere safe in to storage. Alternatively you can put one in the living room if none exists because in doing so you will create an excellent and cozy atmosphere.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is where so much time is usually spent.. Consider all the times when breakfast, supper and dinner are prepared; if all this is summed up, it accounts for a big percentage of the hours in a day. Ensure that all the surfaces here are clean because of food handling, well lit and painted in an appetizing manner using light to enhance somewhat darker colors.

When followed to the letter, these tips should guide you into turning your home into an adorable little castle.