Budget friendly ideas for decorating your nursery

The nursery is the first place you bring your newborn, but decorating it does not have to be a daunting task.You will inevitably be the one spending many sleepless hours in it feeding, rocking, changing and playing with your baby, so it might as well be a pleasant place for both of you. Decorating the nursery for your baby does not have to cost a fortune. With a combination of creative thinking, clever shopping and maybe a little help from your loved ones, you can create a look that is rich in detail and achieve the atmosphere you desire, while not sacrificing its practicality in the process. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Use What You Already Have

Before going out and buying everything you need, which is the first impulse many of us have when it comes to our kids, take stock of what you already have and think about what you can repurpose. Nurseries need a lot of storage space. For example, you can simply use old boxes and baskets instead of buying specially designed storage for your baby’s things. Babies love looking at mobiles, and you can make your own by getting creative with colorful, interesting items, some string and a coat hanger. The mobile will serve its purpose, as well as having a very personal touch.Think about what you really need to buy, and what you can improvise. For example, unless you have your heart set on buying a feeding chair, you can modify an ordinary chair with some sturdy cushions.

Use Space Wisely

If you have a small nursery, there are still a lot of ways to save space and multi-functional furniture is the way to go. For example, you can put cushions on a storage trunk or chest and use it as a comfy seat while breastfeeding or playing with your baby. Another tip for spatially limited rooms is to use as much vertical wall space as possible. Shelves can be inexpensive and are easy to put up. You will be grateful for the extra storage room. With a baby you can never have too much of it.

Get your Friends and Family to Help

DIY tasks such as baby-proofing or painting walls and furniture are a lot easier (and cheaper) if you enlist the help of your closest friends. Reach out to your loved ones for nursery essentials. More than likely they will have a crib, changing table or other useful items laying around in their garage or in a storage somewhere, as people generally do not throw away stuff like that. If you are lucky, your parents may even have some usable nursery furniture lying around from when you were a baby!

Choose a Theme

Babies are stimulated by interesting shapes and colors. Choose your wall paint carefully, as it is obviously much easier to match the walls to your furniture than vice versa. Remember to finish all painting at least three weeks before the baby arrives to avoid potentially harmful fumes. Using wall stickers is a quick and easy way to bring vibrancy and colors to the space. You can add trees, animals or clouds to the walls or the ceiling simply by sticking them on. What’s more, when your child grows up and you need to redecorate, you can just peel them off.

Finally, do not forget to enjoy all this – that comes cheapest of all!