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Clear Out Clutter Before Moving Out

Decluttering is probably the most tedious step of moving home. Gathering all the stuff that you need and sorting out the rest in different piles is time-consuming and boring. People all over the world start grumbling when they reach this stage of moving out. You need patience, stubbornness and a good system on clearing. And since your stuff is not going to declutter by itself you had better carry out a good plan on how to put everything in order with less effort and money.

In case you don’t know how to organise your clearing schedule, we offer you a few steps in this article. Save time and money using our advice.

All the decluttering should be done before you move

Okay, many people can’t decide whether they need an item and they bring it with them to their new home with the intention to decide its fate later. This is the biggest mistake ever. If you are not sure whether you need something, you will still be hesitating abut it when you get to your new house. So the best thing you can do is decide now. Do not cheat. This will only make the process longer and more tedious. Not to mention, when you move in the new apartment or house, you will have a lot to unpack because of your indecision about certain items. So, to make things easier for yourself later, be sure to pack only those items you are sure you are going to use.

Take some time to sort your belongings and then when you make up your mind which items you want, start packing. For those of you who plan to hire a removal agency, let us say that having less stuff to transport will cost you less money. The choice is yours.

Don’t postpone all the decluttering and packing forever

Putting off packing until the last minute is not the wisest idea of all. This is a huge step and a huge task so if you don’t take your time to clean and declutter, there may not be enough time to finish the task. For this reason, we recommend you do a little day by day. Think about which things you want to focus on first and start with them, sorting out the stuff little by little. Getting stuck in piles of clutter can really make your life uncomfortable. Don’t do this to yourself.

Things you don’t need

There will be things that you want to dispose of. Our suggestion is, before you put them in the rubbish bin, consider donating the stuff that is appropriate. There are people that will be very happy to use your old shirt or sneakers. Of course, make sure the stuff is laundered and in good condition. Nobody will want to wear your torn jeans, for example.

Whenever you cannot decide whether to keep an item or to dispose of it, just ask yourself: “When was the last time that I put on this?” This will help you decide the item’s fate. For example, if you haven’t worn a shirt for a year and longer, it’s time to get rid of it.

Don’t get distracted

You probably have tons of sentimental stuff that you want to keep. Old photos, letters, gifts and other possessions need to be packed right away before they are able to distract you.