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Clean Your Indoor Plants

Having your home decorated has always been a priority for the female part. No matter how many other tiny objects are found there there is always a hidden corner where a cute plant could find its new home.

Indoor plants have many applications- they purify the air, they are joy for the eye, and some of them possess  really pleasant odors .

Indoor plants really play a significant role when we talk about health. It is enough to have two or three in each room in order to benefit from their good influence. However they require the needed care so that they could be clean and in good condition.

The first thing  you have to do is to remove regularly the dust from the leaves. But pay attention not to use cold water because the whole plant will be damaged. The warm but not hot  water is good for them .Also you can create an improvised  shower for your plants by directly putting them in the bathroom- that strongly depends on the type of plant –  for bigger plants it would be more appropriate.

That is the right time to mention that you could use different methods for removing the dust from the leaves, according to the shape of the plant leaf. For instance for a longer but not very wide one ,try using a paintbrush or a smaller kind of a toothbrush. That will ease your work and the plants will be ideally cleaned.

For the smallest indoor plants use a different method – put them directly into a water because otherwise you will experience hard time trying to clean their leaves one by one. There are several ways to do this, however we recommend to find a deep bowl or bucket , where the leaves of the plant could be washed. During the process hold steadily the pot and the soil of the plant so that they wouldn’t be separated.

Another essential moment, connected with your  indoor plants is to remove those leaves which had yellowed , even before they had fallen down. Look carefully if there are not other leaves with the same problem and keep an eye on them. Sometimes the plant could have a particular problem that needs special treatment.

For the cleaning of the indoor plants you could use either a clean cloth, well moisturized or a cotton, it depends on your preferences.

A weird , but tricky way to clean your plants is  by using a sock, slipped on your hand. In this way you can easily remove the dirt from both the two sides of the leaf. Clever, isn’t it ?

Mayonnaise can be considered a possible solution for the cleaning of your plants . The leaves will become shiny ,but it is not suitable for every kind of indoor plant so be careful in applying this method.

Whichever way you choose do not forget that the most important thing for the plants  is that they could breathe through their spores. It does not exist a rule of how regularly that cleaning should be -that

depends on the place you live and on the amount of dust in the air.