How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Bedroom

The bedroom should be an intimate place of comfort. This can be achieved with the right choice of color for bedroom walls. The choice of color can greatly impact your mood in the bedroom. Typically, bedroom walls are covered with a relaxing color, which makes a soothing atmosphere. But there is nothing wrong with introducing a little excitement with some lively colors. Here are some suggestions on how to go about choosing the right color for your bedroom.

How big is your bedroom?

If you have a small bedroom, don’t despair. Certain colors can be used to visually enlarge the bedroom. Painting the bedroom walls with lighter shades will reflect natural and artificial light in the bedroom. This works great, especially if there are several large windows to let sunshine in. Lighter walls also give an optical illusion of a larger space.

If your bedroom is larger than you want it to be, simply paint the walls with darker colors. This will create a more comfortable and cozier atmosphere. This is because darker colors create a visual effect of enclosed space.

Warm or cool colors

Picking the perfect color can set the mood in the room. Do you want it to be relaxing and soothing? Or perhaps you wish to bring some passion in to the bedroom. Knowing the difference between warm and cool colors can help with this. Warm colors, like orange, yellow, red or burgundy, can make the bedroom feel more exciting and energetic. Cool colors will make the bedroom more serene. Colors that will serve this purpose are in the green and blue spectrum. Colors in your bedroom can affect the overall atmosphere, so think about what you want to achieve before making your choice.

Match the walls with furniture

Too many colors in a bedroom can be overwhelming. If you already have furniture, try and match the walls with it. This will make the whole room work together in unity making an amazing ambiance. When matching colors in the bedroom, try to stay in the same color spectrum. If the furniture is brown, picking a different shade of brown for walls is a great idea. Consider how much of the same color is in the room. A great recipe is no more than two different colors in the bedroom. Using them in equal proportions can bring a great balance and achieve amazing effects.

Try the paint first

It is always a good idea to try the paint first. Don’t put yourself into a situation where you have to repaint. It takes too much time and energy, not to mention money. Pick up several color samples, paint a piece of cardboard and put it in the bedroom. Observe how the color looks at different times of the day. Also, see how it looks under both artificial and natural light. Don’t make an impulse decision, but rather do some research.

Use complementing colors

Sticking to one color can create a mellow ambiance, while by using colors that are on the opposite ends of the color wheel you can enrich the bedroom. Combine red with green, purple with yellow or blue with orange and make your bedroom livelier.

Finish it the right way

What the color will look like depends on its finish. High and semi-gloss finishes will serve you the longest. They are fairly easy to clean and are highly reflective. Because of their features, they are mostly used on doors, but be careful when putting them on a wall since they will show every bump and hole. A matte finish is the most common for interior walls. It is good for concealing imperfections and is the least reflective of all finishes. Eggshell is more reflective than matte and it is durable. It is also easy to clean and it has no gloss finish. Quality is also important, so make sure to treat your bedroom walls with some premium paint.

Think about what you want to achieve when painting your bedroom walls. A color can give a bedroom some character and set the mood in it. Use these helpful tips and choose the perfect paint for your bedroom.

Diana Smith

My name is Diana. I'm a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. Since I spend a lot of time at home (especially in the kitchen) I always look for low cost ways to improve the space for me and my family. Sometimes is just a small change like colorful curtains or new sofa pillows and sometimes I try to find a good way to organize small space.