How to make your bedroom feel and look like a luxury hotel?

You have been on holiday or on a business trip and have stayed at a wonderful hotel which has the style and comfort you absolutely love, so how do you’re create the look and feel of a stylish hotel boudoir in your home?

Start your planning!

Firstly, its always good to plan when you want to make the changes in your bedroom so you can accomplish what you set out do in a timely manner to avoid the situation where there are outstanding jobs to do afterwards. Pick a weekend in your diary to do the work, and make sure your nearest and dearest are made aware of your plans and know that you will be busy on the dates you choose. There’s nothing worse than setting out to do something and then receive unannounced visits or phone calls from friends and family who of course mean well, but can throw you off your task altogether. However, you can always ask them to help you out!

Decide on the look you want to achieve for your bedroom

Bring out your holiday snaps and look on travel booking websites and magazines for ideas and then decide on the theme. There are so many themes to choose from including:-






French chic



Country cottage style


Of course this list not exhaustive to the types if themes you can go for, however, many of the above styles have proven popular with mainstream hotels and are definitely worth considering.

Look at lighting options

Have you ever wondered how hotels create such a cosy atmosphere? Well on top of good design, lighting plays a great part for creating a great atmosphere which is inviting and relaxing, to allow their guests to have a restful night’s sleep.  Think about your theme and the size of your room when considering the lighting design. For example, a chandelier would look strange in a bedroom with a low ceiling in a modern themed room, whilst in a large room, with high ceilings and regal decor, this style of lighting would work perfectly.

Pick colours

Pick a colour you love and look at variations. If you like green, for example, paint walls and choose blinds or curtains in a different shade of green, and then perhaps add a statement chair in a brighter shade.

Decide which accessories will compliment your theme

Items such as throws, armchairs, pictures and bedding will help to tie in your theme elements further. Don’t overdo it though as too many accessories can swamp your room and make it look cluttered. Something you never see in a luxury hotel although plenty of cushions won’t go amiss!

Clear you room

Before your project commences, clear out your room to ensure you are starting with a blank canvas. This will help you to visualise your dream bedroom and plan accordingly.

Start decorating!

Get all of the elements you need – paint/wallpaper accessories, lighting and furniture and review your inspiration pictures and ideas again for added focus to your project.

When you have finished your room…

Get your nearest and dearest to close their eyes and imagine they have packed their bags ready to be whisked away for the weekend to an exclusive hotel.  When they re-open their eyes, you should see from their expression that all of your hard work has paid off by making their dream a reality! Well done you!