Classic bedroom designs

Room planned with heavy furnishing and dark chocolaty tones make your space more classy and formal. Such additions take you to the golden memories of past and also introduce warm and cosy ambiance with their colours and styles. The selection of furniture and colour will be directly linked up with the size and shape of your room. You need to bring a balanced and proportionate look in your room. The classic themes majorly concentrate over the formal balance within the setting. Their layouts are quite simple and convenient.

You might find countless designs or themes reforesting the classic style. Here, I am going to share a few of them to give you an idea how you can add variety to your sleep corner with just a few changes in the basic classic style.

Let’s have a look!

  • Vintage style sleep corner

The combination of white with shiny gold creates a perfect vintage style. You can combine a set of metallic and upholstered items for decorating your bedroom in this artistic style. While planning bedroom according to this theme, you need to enhance the addition of antique items, the bed you choose should be in four poster style. Metal beds in antique curvaceous styles are highly suitable for this classy theme. The ray of white textures in terms of curtains and wall paint also beautify a room. It will spruce up the space in an elegant yet decent way. Twisted metallic wall hanged frames also adorn the beauty of room. Besides metal furnishes, leather beds along with their supplementary furniture items also complement the bedroom in a stunning way.

  • Classy African style décor

The second theme that I am going to describe is ultimately artistic and suitable for all types of bedrooms. It involves wooden furniture with a blend of chocolate brown and orange. You can place the wooden bed with a high carved headboard, which will surely let your bed be the focal point of the room. You can place a couple of single wooden chairs in addition to enjoy the weather by sitting besides your window. The curtains in a sleek silky fabric along with a sheer net will complement the windows in an outstanding style.

Try to opt for the printed beddings, which show the African culture through their self printed motives. The room will look more appealing with a chandelier hanging in the middle of the ceiling.

  • Royal and archetypal style

Last but not the least is the royal bedroom décor. It is a perfect combination of style and comfort. The luxury is the basic element of this theme. Each and every element is planned in detail to bring a royal feeling; the bed is often spruced up with a heavy and upholstered headboard. The headboards are enhanced with button detailing.

The upholstered fabric is layered over the bed to give your bedroom a five star hotel bedroom look. The room is also decorated with mirrors framed in golden metal frames. Apart from all this, the lighting is of high quality.