5 Home Security Tips for the Modern Home

Your home is your family’s shelter. It is a functional type of residential construction that does not only protect the family during extreme weather conditions, but also protects the household against man made crimes and disasters. As the owner of the house, you should be reminded on how critical the role of your door locks or burglar alarm in giving the out-most protection to your family.

Every year, there is an increasing rate of violence that are associated with house thievery or invasion of private properties. Experts attribute these rampant cases on the economic deflation that is felt worldwide that leads to food crisis, poor rate of educational system and other factors that affect the down fall of the socio-behavioral standards of citizens in the country. The direct implication is the increasing crime rates just for the culprits to feed a hungry family.

Home security tips
Home security tips

Here are the powerful home security tips that you should apply at your home:

1.       Use  high quality door and window locks

You can use cheap materials for your flooring or furniture but you cannot use a cheap material for your doors. Remember your doors will serve as your first and only row of defense against home burglars. Securing your house should start on your doors and gates.  You should not be securing the main door but all possible entries you have at home. This will include your backyard door or any small opening you have.  Do not also underestimate the protection that your windows can give. If you have large windows around the house you should also put a high quality lock on them.

2.       Hide your keys beside you

If the house breakers cannot find a way to get in because of your door locks, they will either forcibly open it to get into your house or the easier way is to get the keys from you. As the owner of the house you are responsible on where you will keep the keys and who will have the copy of the keys. Investigation shows that house intruders will most likely get it from caretakers or younger members of the house so be careful on who will receive a copy.

3.       Invest on high tech alarms

Updating your security system at home may be a bit pricey but this will definitely give you a worry free sleep. Many security devices provider can give you affordable packages and a more convenient payment settlement to provide a maximum security on your house through modern devices.

4.       Trim the bushes for a better security vantage point

Avoid growing large trees or bushes that can help intruders to hide away from your security personnel or CCTV. Ensure that your back yard is an open space and well lighted at night.

5.       Avoid glass houses

If you live on a suburb area or a crowded and lowly secured location, do not consider a house type that can invite thieves like glass houses or any informal type of house.

As a home owner, you definitely would not want to be a victim of these mischievous actions on your own house.  Doing these necessary actions is far more important than facing the aftermath.