Play With Psychology of Colors to Decorate Your Home

Imagine life with only blacks and whites shades around you. What you will fell if you have black dress, black car, black office and black house? It would be definitely extremely boring. The colors are essential element for life to be beautiful and charming. Each color has its own psychology that affects your mind, body, emotions, moods and the way you see things. Because of all these impacts you need to be very careful while selecting colors for your interior designs. I will tell you the psychology of some colors and their use in your home decoration.

Which color means what?

Red; it is meant for boosting energy and aggression. It will stimulate your “fight or flight” emotions.

Blue; is a relaxing shade and color of mind. It inspires tranquility and calmness.

Yellow; speeds up your metabolism and is meant for happiness.

Green; is the color of balance. It harmonizes your life by creating a balance in all your stuff. It is also relaxing and cheering.

White; it is fresh and goes with everything. It enhances the natural light and brightens up your area.

Brown; they are warm and give feeling of strength.

Purple; it is meant for stimulating creativity and is mostly used by the artists and photographer.

Orange and pink; pink is symbol of love. It also means feminity and tranquility. Orange represents physical comfort and security.

Play With Psychology of Colors to Decorate Your Home
Psychology of Colors

How to use psychology of colors in your home?

Use bright colors for space illusion: If you want your small room looks bigger than add bright colors such as red and yellow in your home. Paint your exterior wall with these colors to have a spacious look.

Go for relaxing colors in your bed rooms: The bedrooms are place to get relax and shun all the pressure of daily work. Make this space more relaxing by adding blues and greens. It is also the place of emotional attachment so pink will serve the purpose. Add touch of pinks by using pink color rugs and bed sheets.

Colors for living room: The living room is the place where people it to talk and discuss things. Use the conversation stimulating colors such as greens, yellow and oranges. The deep colors such as browns will be helpful in giving strength to your living rom.

Have boost of optimism at entrance or porch with yellows: Yellow color will generate optimism in you. Paint the entrance and front porch wall with yellow. Add digital prints to canvas at the entrance wallin yellow color so that whenever you enter or leave the home you will get a fresh dose of optimism with the yellows around you.

Colors in kitchen:Increase your appetite by having red splashes in your kitchen. The white color on kitchen cabinets will make smaller kitchen looks bigger and also brighten up the kitchen.

Bathroom color: White is just perfect for the bathroom as it is meant for fertility and cleanliness. Moreover you will find it easy to clean and stains wont b away from your sight.

Dining room colors: Red and orange are perfect for your dining room red will stimulate the metabolism and orange will gather the people around your dining table.

This is how the colors contribute to your living and decorating your home. Enjoy the psychology of every color and make your home a dream place to live in.