5 great things about living near water

Owning a water view home is a dream shared by many. The very thought of waking up to the sounds of chirping birds and softly splashing waves and ripples has a pull that is hard to resist. But while being close to Mother Nature is one thing that people love about homes that are situated by the water, it is only one aspect of a long list of benefits. A home by the water comes with many benefits, some of which are scientifically proven! So read on to know five of the great benefits of living in a home by the water.

1.  You get healthier

Doctor’s have been recommending holidays as a way to deal with many health issues for years now – most of their recommendations lead to a holiday by the beach or lakeside. The American Journal of Preventative Medicine has proved that people living by the water are more relaxed. It is no surprise then that comparative studies have displayed better health and more happiness in people who live by the water than those who live inland.

2.  Breathtaking views

There’s just something about a water view with which no other view can compete. Whether you’re watching the moon rise over a still lake as you relax on the porch, or watching the waves crash on the shore as the sun rises beyond them, the views that you get from a home by the water are unparalleled. Living in a water view home means that you are at liberty to enjoy the view whenever you want from the privacy and comfort of your own home!

3.  More than just a gym and jogging path

Water view homes give you the time and space to undertake activities that city dwellers need to travel miles to enjoy. Canoeing, surfing, kayaking, swimming, water skiing – all these activities that are often considered vacation activities can become an everyday affair if you live by the water. While people who love water sports find water view houses an absolute wonder, these homes have a way of turning the most fearful into the fearless as they indulge in the activities that are available right at their doorstep, and enjoy every moment of it!

4.  Beating those allergies

While living in a water view home helps you remain more relaxed and happier, it also has another great benefit for people who suffer from allergies on a daily basis. Allergies can make life miserable for many people, especially environmental allergies that get triggered with the slightest of stimuli. Living by the beach helps alleviate such allergies. The ocean tends to reduce the effect of floating allergens, thereby making day to day life easier and simpler.

5.  Improving resale value

Resale value is always a concern while buying a new home. Water view properties have been reputed to maintain a higher resale value, simply because of their never ending demand. People will always want to buy a water view home, whether as an investment, a home for themselves, or just a holiday retreat. The main reason behind this results from the constant demand versus the limited supply – after all, there are only so many areas around water that can be used for home construction. One can do little wrong from an investment point of view when considering a water view home.

So there you have it – five advantages of purchasing and living in a water view home. If buying a home that is likely to increase in value as time passes, while being a comfortable dwelling to live in, is something you’ve dreamed of, then a water view home might just be your answer.