Most Common Plumbing Myths in London – Here is the Truth

All homeowners in areas like London and Greenwich know that it is important to be vigilant in order to ensure that the plumbing system in your home is running smoothly. However, since the majority of your plumbing system is out of view, it is easy to let its maintenance slip from your mind until a major problem arises. In such situations, you usually base your home plumbing practices on myths that actually end up costing you much more than you would have been spending had you knew better. Here are some common myths about plumbing and local plumbers in London and Greenwich areas.

Myth 1# Any Plumber Can Fix the Issue

One of the most common myths associated with London and Greenwich plumbers is that just any plumber is capable enough to fix your plumbing issue. This is not true as the majority of plumbers these days have just the bare minimum knowledge of how to fix things, and some tools. Such handymen do not have the required qualifications or experience. If you don’t remain careful, you can end up spending more than what you bargained for down the road.

Myth 2#Putting Lemons in Your Disposal Can Make It Smell Fresh

While many people believe that putting lemons in disposal can produce fresh aroma, they are unaware of the fact that the citric acid from lemons actually corrodes the metal inside your disposal. A better alternative to this method to avoid the foul smell of your disposal is to use ice. Ice polishes your disposal up inside that works just like a rock tumbler polishing rocks; though it is noisy, it works.

Myth 3#Water Pressure Regulators Are Reliable

Another common plumbing myth in Greenwich and London areas is that water pressure regulators are always very dependable in controlling water pressure. Though this is true to some extent, yet it is not advisable to put your all trust in the readings these regulators provide.It is important that you check the water pressure personally from time to time to avoid any later problems.

Myth 4#Fixing the Issue Yourself Can Save You Money

While around 30% of the times a professional plumber is called, the “mess” is because of a homeowner’s own futile efforts, which make the plumbing issue worse. Always get a good local plumber in London to get the job done right the first time so that you don’t have to worry about any future unexpected damages.

Myth 5#Soaps Can Make Your Pipes Look Polished

While many home owners believe that soap can make pipes look clean and polished, the fact is that it can be a cause for the dirt and mineral buildup inside the pipe. Too much soap can cause an adequate amount of buildup to keep water from flowing through the pipes altogether.

Myth 6#It is Good to Purchase Bad Products with Lifetime Warranties

When you buy something cheap and it breakdowns, don’t expect to get it replaced with the latest product on the market. In fact, you will be just spending time and money to keep repairing and reinstalling it. Remember, what you buy is what you are stuck with.

Hope you’ll deal wisely around these plumbing myths and call a professional local plumber instead, to get rid of your plumbing issues in areas like Bromley, Greenwich, Blackheath, Dulwich, Catford etc.

Mary John

Mary John is a profound blogger and loves blogging across various niches especially in form of tips and tricks. Here she talked of some basic plumbing myths people generally follow.