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Surprise Your Spouse By Increasing Your Home’s Value – You Don’t Even Have To Pick Up A Tool!

When it comes to adding value to your home you don’t have to take out a renovation loan. Sweat equity is probably about the closest you are going to get to something for nothing. Sure, you have to put in time, but when it comes to home improvement, a little bit of your day can equal a lot of money in the bank.

When you do home improvement projects, you increase the value of your home, but only if you do them right and don’t spend a whole lot of money. If you want to help out the family, increase the equity in your home, without even having to sweat, use these cool fixer-upper ideas.

Even if you aren’t the handiest woman in the world, you can still make a huge impact without ever picking up a hammer and nails. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! Just a little creativity and ingenuity can have your home sparkling from room to room as if it were new. Surprise your hubby by putting your time and effort into building something for your nest egg.

Create a mudroom

Home buyers are looking for designated storage areas that are neat, clean and spacious. Instead of having everyone pack their backpacks and shoes at the front door, buy storage cubes and a freestanding clothing rack to hold winter clothes and sweaters. For cute appeal, add names and labels. That will not only add to the decor of it, but the functionality as well. There are a host of different types of modular bins and drawers to piece together that will look like a professional organizer came to your home.

Re-grout your bath or shower

When the grout in your tub or shower gets stained and it begins to yellow, it can make any bathroom look old and outdated. Before you go through the process of re-grouting, take a toothbrush and try to slowly etch away at the stains. If that doesn’t work, head to the hardware store and buy some grout. Try to get the same or similar color to go over what is there. All you have to do is spread a thin layer over top and voila, it will look like a professional came to remodel. Mix the grout as per instructions, put a layer on, and then wipe it off. For additional instructions, check out one of the numerous YouTube videos showing you how to re-grout tile.

Turn a closet into a pantry

If you are tired of using your feet to hold back the falling debris every time you open the hall closet, set your closet up as a pantry instead of just a hanging closet. Use bins and baskets to organize it. A place for everything it will help to declutter spaces around your home without it becoming a black hole. The secret is to plan for what needs to go in before you buy pieces to accommodate.

Add a backsplash to your bathroom

When you wash your hands the water splashes up onto the drywall behind the sink. That makes the paint look old and dirty. Since you can’t wash it, it makes your powder room look aged and unkempt. To update, add a tile backsplash behind just the sink. Measure the back of your sink and then find a tile that will go in the space without having to be cut. There are a ton of mosaic materials on the market that need not be sized and look awesome. Add the tile with some adhesive and the grout. The after effect will completely transform the bath space.

Stain your concrete entry way

If you have nothing but a concrete pad leading to your front door, that can be drab and unappealing. One of the biggest equity builders is improvements to your curbside appeal. Use wood stain to cover over the concrete, and you will create the allure that you have a wooden porch leading to your home. An instant wow, it can make any entryway pop with excitement.

Wallpaper stickers

If you haven’t seen them yet, you are going to be amazed. There are new “wall sticker” wall paper sheets that are fairly inexpensive and can make any room look fresh and new. The advantage of the wall sticker is not only that there is nothing permanent about them, but that they can be taken off with ease without destroying the wall behind them. With hundreds of patterns, designs and colors to choose from, you can update a bath, a master, or even a mudroom on a budget of less than $150.

There are many great updates you can make without the need for any tools. Even if you aren’t a do-it-yourselfer, you can add some equity and make any space fresh and new with very little money and time. The results are immediate and so will be the accolades from your family.

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