4 Best Advantages to Living on the Coast

Living close to water has long been the goal of so many people in our society, and for good reason. With so many activities, the most lively nightlife, and—of course—the beautiful views, living on or near the ocean is absolutely amazing—but, it goes much deeper than that. Without further ado, here are the most enjoyable parts of living on the coast, and why you should be jealous I live there (or, you know, find your own house here as well).

1. Delicious Seafood

I have a theory, and that theory is that anyone who says they don’t like seafood hasn’t had seafood in a seafood-centric area; the coast, of course, is precisely that. Truly, nothing is better than fresh caught fish straight from the ocean, and I have seen many a doubter transformed into a lover the moment that magic substance touched their tongue. From sushi to fish and chips, you can find all the best seafood dishes served right down the street from where you live, which is a blessing and a curse. Why a curse, you might ask? Well, if you ever move away, you will never look at seafood the same again (and you might never want it until you return!)

2. Beaches, Beaches, and more Beaches

Let me tell you this right now; there is nothing more enjoyable than waking up in the morning and taking a quick dip in the ocean before work. The breeze, the waves crashing against the shore, the salt water in your hair; it’s heaven on earth, and it’ll be something you will have access to 24/7. Obviously, living near the beach is expensive—and many might wonder if it’s really worth it—but, let me put that wondering to rest. You will love living near the beach, and you won’t ever want to move away again!

3. Localized Entertainment

Historically, major city centers have always formed near the closest bodies of water, and that has resulted in the most action packed, entertainment filled city centers right down the street from where you’ll be living. If you get bored of frolicking in the ocean, you almost always can simply drive down the street and find a bustling city center with everything you could ever want. From awesome shopping centers to glorious restaurants, to sports teams and more, these cities are incredible locales for living, loving, and just enjoying life. Combine that with the ocean itself, and you get one of the best situations around.

4. Bragging Rights

Whether you live in San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, or Hawaii, you will always have the bragging rights of living in the most livable locale in the world. These places are so packed full of entertainment, good food, and—of course—reputation that all of your friends and family will be jealous, and you will have the opportunity to shove your years and years of hard work that you put in to live there right in their smug faces. Oh, what’s that? You got a new job? Well I just walked home from the beach! Hmm? You are engaged? Congratulations, want to have the wedding at my boathouse? These are just a few of the incredible opportunities for comeuppance you’ll have if you live on the coast, so what are you waiting for? Come on out today and see what you have been missing all your life!