Got a Desert Landscape? Here are a Few Ideas for a Winter Potted Garden

Have you got a desert landscape? There is no need to worry about gardening in a desert since there is so much that you can do. There are a large variety of colourful plants that you can choose from while seasonal changes can also be somewhat of a challenge. It is a general fact that there is a temperate climate when it comes to a desert landscape while you can enjoy the winter season colour for a longer period of time. What you plant in the beginning of winter may last till next spring or even the beginning of summer.

Usually larger pots offer you the opportunity to express your creativeness in having many varieties. However, you should always consider the colour of the pot or pots since there are many personal preferences and colour combinations that are available to choose from. Due to the desert landscape and its organic colours, you can opt to choose any type of colour combination. Umber, brown, green or even a shade of matt blue is ideal since they are considered natural tones. If you are planning on a bolder colour then you should have a plant and flower arrangement that ideally compliments the colour of the pot. An example would be a bright red pot would not look good if you choose red or pink flowers but it would look great with purple, yellow or orange coloured flowers or plants. Same applies to a bright blue pot with a combination of other primary colours or even pastels.

Your personal preferences can also play a big role when choosing a colour for your winter potted garden. The beautiful thing about choosing seasonal flowers is that you can try something different every season. Since the cold season drags for a while when it comes to a desert landscape, you can experiment with a number of colour combinations with one single pot. There are larger pots available now and why not give it a try? You can picture a dull brown land area and a number of large pots covering it with bright colour combinations of seasonal flowers and plants. It works perfectly as long as you do not overpower the colour contrast of the pot and flowers. It is ideal to stick to one colour when deciding on a pot since there will be uniformity and with time in hand, maybe you can decide on changing the colour of the pot along with the season.

If your landscaped garden consists of any other decorated areas such as outdoor seating areas with cushions, furnishings and umbrellas, you should ideally choose colours that compliments them. A perfect example would be if you have chosen earth tones for your furnishings and decor. Colours such as bright pink and blue would not be suitable for flowers. You should go for hues of brown, orange red or yellow. There should be a flow of colours within the pots, decor and the flowers.

Lana Joseph

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