Renovation Solutions for a Relaxing Room

Have you ever felt a chilling breeze surge through your body upon entering a room? Or did you notice how soothing and peaceful one room can be?  Well, it is the magic of room interior design that gives that illusion. So, let’s explore some of the renovation ideas that help creating this soothing atmosphere! Though there are no set rules for turning your interior into a relaxing one, there are some features that many of most peaceful homes have in common. Feeling lazy to surf each design individually? Don’t worry! In this article we will discuss in detail some of the interior design solutions that help creating a relaxing interior.

Clean and Tidy

BathroomFresh, clean-lined spa bathroom, by Fresh Photo House

An immaculate room splashes the rays of soothing atmosphere. A neat and tidy room gives peaceful state to mind; and when your mind is at rest you have the power to imagine beyond the boundaries! The neat effect can be achieved by using well-arranged interior. In this room, an array of neatly lined tiles reveal the calming effect. Keeping area clean and tidy and having things organized will certainly bring the relaxing mood. Off-white colors are proven to eliminate stress and bring emotional balance to any room.

Soothing natural wood elements

Bedroom with crisp, soothing detailsBedroom with crisp, soothing details, by Capital Building

Soothing details can make us voyage an entirely different world- where the feeling of calmness and refreshment is relentless. Natural wood materials on walls or ceiling will definitely transform your interior and bring a relaxing overall atmosphere. The above room displays the composition of sharp and dark shades. Dark oak colored accent wall and floor along with the light contrast bedsheets and sidewalls not only gives a fantastic appearance to this master bedroom but also makes it a calming place to be. One would surely fall asleep in such a soothing atmosphere!

Light shades, stone and plants

Crisp white kitchenCrisp white kitchen, by Arc8 Projects Ltd.

Lively looks can achieve through the usage of lighter shades. In this picture, the combination of reflective white paint, lighting and natural material such as marble stone gives a sharp look to the kitchen. Moreover, the addition of green plants to any interior will infuse it with harmony and offer a vibrant look.

Comfortable furniture

Soothing lavender bedroom Soothing lavender bedroom, by Bungalow 5 Designer Spotlight

Comfy looks are directly proportional to the extra soft furniture. Imagine being curled in deeply padded sofa or love seat or extra soft bed – the ultimate sensation of serenity. This bedroom is engulfed in coziness by the décor of extra cushioned sofa and fluffy bedsheet.

Decent Touch

Bedroom furnitureby MF Architecture

Many people are of the view that the feeling of relaxation is sown by the seed of decentness. This aura can be achieved by blending the interior of space with features that reflect the luxurious lifestyle. Among these interior designing options, ceiling proves to be strong contender. This room is a visual example of decentness and simplicity. The nicely adorned room is equipped with light colored walls and marble. Most importantly, the usage of modern ceiling has splashed the warmness to the room, transforming it into a fully luxurious room.

Lighting Magic

Strategic lighting showcases textured living room wallsStrategic lighting showcases textured living room walls, by Tim Cuppett Architects

Have you ever skipped the lighting during the renovation process? In short, lighting can make the difference of life and death to the space. Lighting can be done in various styles- let it be direct lighting or recessed lighting. Just as the lighting can alter the look of room, it has direct impact on our mood. In this room, the recessed lighting along the edges of room highlights the texture on the wall.

Wall-to-wall drapes in a living roomWall-to-wall drapes in a living room, by Rikki Snyder

In this picture, strong lighting gives a vibrant look to the room. This style usually requires overhead globes and lights that glow the whole room.

Mood lighting in a soothing bedroom

Mood lighting in a soothing bedroom, by Garret Cord Architects

Recessed lighting- lights that are hidden- produce fantastic effects. Often lights are attached continuously under the ceiling panels, forming long rays of dim light, give a dramatic effect to room. In above room the dim lights behind the bed give a cozy feeling. One could try out this style if having sleeping disorders!