Truly Inspiring Ways to Decorate Your Front Door

To enter your home, every guest, visitor, friend, or neighbor needs to pass through your front door. Besides the overall exterior design of your house, the front door and porch can serve as an ideal canvas to grab people’s attention and leave a quality first impression. Furthermore, apart from your mantel piece, the look of your front door can reveal a lot about the current season or holiday. It also might hint at who exactly is living there. To make your home look more inviting, here a couple of truly inspiring ways to decorate your front door and turn it into a welcoming sight.

Announce the Season with a Wreath

A festive wreath can be the perfect welcome to your guests, especially during the holidays. However, you can place wreaths throughout the year, and announce the coming of the season, as well. Spring can be the perfect chance to turn this piece of front door décor into a spring wreath DIY project. This also gives you the opportunity to personalize the wreath and make your hobby or love for animals its main theme.

Make an Initial Centerpiece

If you really want to let everyone know who exactly is living at your address, make your initials the centerpiece of your front door. Go for a lavishly crafted custom monogram in your favorite font made of wood, colored to match the exterior of your house. Additionally, you can blend your initials with your wreath and make a real impact on anyone passing by your home.

Spruce up Your Front Door

Add a bit of greenery to your front door by placing a variety of flowers and topiary evergreens. Plant geraniums, different colored roses and tulips that perfectly match a topiary bay laurel or spruce. For the containers, you can refurbish old buckets, milk cans or barrels to add a rustic feel to your green decor. Alternatively, if you haven’t got space around your house, this is also the perfect place to plant your herb garden and give your entrance a fragrant scent.

Amuse Your Guests

Aside from keeping the dirt away from your home, a doormat can be a great way to amuse visitors while they wait for you to answer the door. Get creative with the message beneath your guests’ feet and try to make them laugh. Go for different textures, materials and shapes, but make sure you know what to look for in a quality doormat, since it still needs to cover a large enough area so it doesn’t lose its functionality and scraping power.

Get Creative with Details

If you have a flair for details, lavish your door with creative ornaments it deserves. First off, get creative with your door handle and fashion it out of old spoons, tools, leather or rope. Place a vintage door knocker at the center of your door and your address number above it. Reposition your mail slot to fit above the handle and write a unique message to the postman. You can also put in a vintage lock, but experts over at Locksmith advise to consult professionals before making the transition to an old-styled key.

Illuminate Your Front Door

Christmas isn’t the only time of the year you should lavish your front door with lights. Install LED night lights to illuminate your walkway, or place fairy lights around your doorway to give it that whimsical feel. Alternatively, you can also make your own LED lit paper lanterns, or give your porch light a vintage feel by going for a street light style wall lantern.

Accentuate Your Doorway

Another great decoration we often associate with Christmas is a doorway garland. However, garlands can be used to emphasize other holidays as well, like a broom garland during Halloween, or a flower garland to announce the coming of spring. Likewise, you can use the local plants from your neighborhood to add contrast to your flowerbed and topiary.

Whether it’s summer, autumn, spring or winter, Christmas, Easter or Halloween, all of these front door decorations can be modified to accompany any occasion throughout the year. Moreover, they will catch the eye of all your visitors, make all of them feel welcome, and maybe even invite some new faces into your home.