Give your kitchen a facelift

When it comes to kitchens, replacing them completely can become a slight mission, with cost as a major factor and then taking time and energy into consideration you can end up with quite a hefty project. There are however ways around this, ways in which you can revive your kitchen without the time, cost or mess. By reviving your kitchen you’re able to add a splash of life to what’s currently there, keeping what you like and changing what you don’t. You may decide to change lots of little bits, or, you may feel that one larger change will bring out the best in your kitchen and create a fresher, more vibrant feel.

If your kitchen décor has become dated, tired or simply needs a burst of life, why not think about giving the walls a fresh lick of paint. It’s surprising just how much a new coat of paint can make a difference. Try and stick to a colour theme, you don’t want the kitchen to look too loud or out of sync, when the colours complement each other everything else will tie together perfectly. Now you’ve established the colours and updated the walls, take a look at your units. Kitchen units are the main attraction in any kitchen, they’re the main focus point and have a huge impact on first impressions on the kitchen. Replacing the kitchen units however, can become quite costly. You don’t necessarily have to tear out the whole kitchen, you can simply make a few changes. Replacing the kitchen doors is one way in which you can update your kitchen without spending too much. By replacing your kitchen doors, you’re not only adding new life to the old units, you’re also creating a new style that you can enjoy, feeling like you have a new kitchen. You’ve also got the added bonus of less mess, there’s nothing worse than having your main room in the house resembling a building site for a few weeks!

If you’re happy with the previous parts of the kitchen mentioned above, and don’t feel like you need to make any of those amendments, you may want to consider one bigger change to your kitchen. Many kitchens look great for years and years, needing very little maintenance, which is why sometimes one larger change can make just as much of an impact as lots of little changes. Replacing your worktops is a great way of creating a new, bold statement whilst keeping your kitchen the same. You could replace the worktop with granite, wood or even marble, whichever you choose it will certainly stand out and give a tired kitchen new life. Another larger change you could make is your flooring, this is another part of the kitchen that can begin to look tired after no time at all. You may find that replacing your current flooring with new marble tiles or natural stone will add a strong, fresh feel to the room. These materials are also perfect to keep clean and maintain and look great in any size kitchen.

Not all kitchens need drastic changes to feel new and updated. As much as the following tips are perfect for creating a new feel, you can make smaller changes to your kitchen that will be just as beneficial to you. Adding new blinds or curtains to any windows or doors in the room will inject some life into the room, choosing a pattern could also be quite fun and add a little modern touch to the room. Replacing the faucets can also make a nice change to your kitchen, there are so many different types on the market from smaller classic styles to long, hose like taps that can be taken off the stand and used to get to all corners of the sink. Little changes like these might not seem much, but they really make a difference in ensuring your kitchen looks modern and updated. Other small changes such as the handles or knobs on your cupboard doors can make a small impact, replacing wooden for a nice new stainless steel handle or even chrome can just change up the style and add a little difference to the design.

Then we have the changes that you can make that don’t cost you a penny, the spring clean. Spring cleaning any room makes such a huge change to the look and feel that it’s so worth doing, even if you don’t throw anything away, we all know things get moved and wrongly placed and before we know it the potato peeler is in the car key drawer! By having a spring clean, you can decide what you need, what can be thrown away, and maybe create a new organising system for your kitchen if the previous one wasn’t working as well. You could choose drawers for specific items, place similar things in the correct cupboards, throw away any unwanted extras that seem to accumulate over the months and get forgotten about. You will instantly feel a change when you use your kitchen if you’ve cleaned and tidied the areas.

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