12 Ways To Prevent Mold And How To Deal With It

Mold growth in your home is a serious problem. Not only does mold cause damage to your home, but it can also be hazardous to your health. Mold can form on virtually anything in your home from your carpet to your clothes and even hidden behind drywall and wallpaper. It is important to remove mold when informed on its growth immediately, however, it would be ideal to prevent it from appearing in your home at all.

The key to preventing mold growth is by controlling moisture in your home. Here are 12 ways to control moisture and save your home and wallet some damage:

#1: Have proper ventilation.

You can be promoting mold growth with your daily activities. Whether you are cooking or taking a shower, make sure to turn on an exhaust fan to prevent accumulation of moisture. Run the AC for ventilation, but make sure it is not producing moisture itself by having it properly checked.

#2: Dry wet areas as they occur.

Whether it is seepage after heavy rain or a leak from a broken pipe, make sure you take care of the water within 24-48 hours to properly prevent mold growth.

#3: Locate problem areas in your home and remove them.

Does your ceiling leak when it rains? What about your basement, does it flood? Make sure you identify any problem that can lead to mold growth and correct it. It might cost some money upfront, but it will be better than having to pay for the damage that mold can cause.

#4: Monitor humidity in your home.

Humidity in your home is recommended to be between 30%-50%. You can purchase a moisture meter, which will allow you to determine the humidity level in your home. If any condensation occurs, dry the surface to remove the moisture.

#5: Keep your roof gutters clear and undamaged.

Leaking gutters can lead to mold growth so it is important to have them inspected and repaired if necessary.

#6: Improve the flow of air in your home.

Excess moisture can remain in your home if air is not properly circulated throughout. Open doors between rooms and move furniture away from walls to increase air circulation and reduce the amount of moisture accumulating in your home.

#7: Buy mold-resistant products for your home.

You can purchase mold-resistant drywall and mold inhibitors for paints, which will allow you to prevent mold from growing in your home. Mold growth behind drywall is a common issue that should be avoided if possible, therefore, purchasing mold-resistant drywall can protect your home from that damage.

#8: Keep household plants clear of mold.

Soil of indoor plants is a perfect enabler for mold growth. Monitor your plants regularly and make sure mold is not being produced.

#9: Direct water in the opposite direction of your home.

If the foundation of your home accumulates water, it can lead to water damage and mold growth so it is best to keep it clear from large amounts of water.

#10: Vent clothes dryer to the outside.

The dryer can have a lot of moisture buildup so venting it to the outside regularly can reduce the chance of mold growth.

#11: Put a plastic cover over dirt in crawlspaces.

You want to prevent moisture from coming in from the ground and applying a plastic cover allows moisture to be controlled.

#12: Turn off appliances that produce moisture on surfaces.

A humidifier on a windowsill can often leave moisture behind so make sure you monitor it and turn it if when its use is not necessary to reduce moisture.

Dealing With Mold

If you were unsuccessful with preventing mold growth in your home then you need to deal with it properly. Make sure you address the issue as soon as you can. If you do not remove it immediately, the mold growth can get out of hand.

When removing mold yourself, make sure to wear safety goggles and educate yourself on the health risks related to mold. In addition, mold behind walls and in the floor should be dealt by professionals. Know your limits and spend the money necessary to get rid of any mold that resides in your home.

Mold growth can be very inconvenient, but it can also be harmful to your health so it is important to prevent it while you can and if you have mold in your home, remove it immediately.

Skylar Lewis

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