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A Monochrome Home

Many designers establish monochrome to be a whacky, bold, crazy style. In the late 1960’s monochrome was the ‘it’ colour scheme for fashion and it slowly tailed off when colour became much more of a statement. However, monochrome has made a large comeback, making its way into many modern day homes and wardrobes. The simplicity and elegance of a monochrome interior is incredible and there’s so many ways in which you can create vibrancy and personality from the black and white style.

If you’re in love with monochrome and want to apply it to your home design, there are so many ways in which you can do so. It is however, very important to stick to your modern style and not get carried away into a safari type theme. The beauty of black and white is that they complement each other better than any other colours, you can create the perfect fresh look without having to worry about colour match or what goes with what. If you are looking to inject a monochrome theme into your home, here are a few ways in which you can do so.

Starting with the most used room in the house, the living room. A perfect way to include monochrome into your living room would be the furnishings, remember to keep things simple, but if you go for a black sofa for example, find some white cushions to sit on top enabling you to have both colours in a simple way. Try and avoid a patterned sofa, this can essentially make the room to busy and will make it harder for you to add extra items to the room without things clashing. Adding a white carpet to the room with a black rug is another perfect way to inject that monochrome into the room, you also find that adding rugs can help give a room warmth and look inviting.

Next focus on your kitchen, consider tiling one wall with black tiles, then use a white grouting gel to fill in the gaps in between each tile. If you have white cabinets, why not add black marble work tops and black door handles or door knobs. With appliances, why not get a black cooker, fridge, microwave etc. and then pair this up with white crockery, mugs and so on. Simple things like this really make an impact and stand out creating the perfect monochrome design.

When it comes to the bedroom things can become a little bit confusing, it is very, very, easy to get carried away with patterned pillows and curtains and bedspreads. Don’t. The best thing to do is stand back and think about what colour you like the most, if you wish for black to be the dominant colour then why not invest in a black headboard, black curtains and black shelving units. Then you bedding can be white, with black detailing. The difference between black and white patterns and detailing is very important. Having a fine detail run through a design is elegant and classic, if you go for something with large patterns and crazy designs then you lose the simplicity and it can begin to look a little tacky. Add simple items such as candle sticks and photo frames, there’s always room to add some silver or glitter into the room, this is where monochrome is so perfect as you can add a little extra and its complimented straight away.

The bathroom is a little easier, as there’s not as much to do in there when it comes to the designing. When you chose your worktops, again like the kitchen opt for white. Then you can add a black marble top to this and you have an elegant and practical design. The marble will be easily cleaned and won’t mark. You can create an inexpensive design by choosing simple features that make a statement. You could add a splash of colour into this room if you wanted, bold colours like fuchsia and blue are a great choice as they stand out really well. You could purchase towels, bath mats and possibly a plant pot in this colour, then you have elements of colour with a monochrome background which will add extra character to the room.

It’s always a great idea to plan in your head how you want each room in your house to look. If you’re unsure of something, it’s always worth experimenting and then if you decide it’s not for you then you can either take it back or change it. Don’t be afraid to push your boundaries, the internet has so much inspiration too that it’s so easy to create the room or home of your dreams without having to spend lots of money either.

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