5 Backsplash trends for tremendous kitchen settings

Kitchen of a home is usually ignored for spending wealth on embellishments. Most of us have casual and dull find of kitchen walls that make us boring while cooking and doing house chores. For domestic people kitchen should entail interesting patterns along with bright colors to elevate good mood and preparing better tasted food. It can also increase the value of your entire home and bring harmony to the interior design. Kitchen design can carry various kinds of themes and settings to present the aesthetic sense of the owner as well as the style of architecture. If you cannot afford to change the entire theme of the kitchen or to remodel it completely than it’s wise to just convert its backsplash and make it noticeable. Backsplashes play a vital role in appearance of kitchen setting, some of backdrop designs are discussed here.

Lego blocks

To bring a colorful gaming effect to the conventional kitchen, you can use Lego block design for the backsplash. The flashing colors of red, black, blue, yellow and greens will captivate the interest of your family and visitors and they will enjoy more while dinning with in the kitchen area. Install tiny lights under the cupboards for vivid appearance of backdrop.

Traffic signs

A kitchen made for singlet men can never be embellished better than with the traffic signs they find interesting and funny. Just pick a cool color to get traffic sign printed tiles for the backsplash and turn your kitchen into awesome surrounding. Other kind of signs can also be used to bring your own desired theme such as street signs, public place symbols, and expression signs.

Glass canvas

Glass canvases can also be a stunning and chic backsplash for your new trendy kitchen. You can experience the luminous finishes right in front of your own domestic area to feel the elegance of your interior design during work. You can take advantage of online canvas printing service to print your desired image on the glass canvas and install it as kitchen backsplash.


Ethnic patchwork is always a source of fascination for art loving people. You can also avail this pattern to make your kitchen artful as well as colorful. You can select some cultural background for patch prints, or can also assemble your own favored patterns and prints to mount a colorful design of backdrop for special cultural and tasteful transformation. Alternatively, black and white prints can also take place instead of sharp colors.

Food art

Mouthwatering food art is considered perfect to incorporate into kitchen for traditional kitchen design. Food art can be made different and versatile tote up interesting element in the most used area of your house. You should turn your personal skills into food art for tremendous kitchen splash.