Housekeeping ain’t no joke!

Housekeeping is something, which comes around since we are born and it can be done by anyone but what matters is that how well and neatly it is done? Not all can do housekeeping as efficiently as it requires and especially when you are working. It is only possible when you have no other responsibility to fulfill. This is one of the reasons why housekeeping services providing companies charge a lot because they take responsibility to lend you responsible, efficient, honest and dedicated housekeeper, maid, babysitter or anyone that you need it.  Maid service in Dubai is quite expensive, everybody cannot afford to hire part time or full time maids and prefer doing households on the weekend. Cleaning Companies in Dubai follow strict professional policies to provide you with part time or full time maids. These companies train them skillfully, keep them un-informed and assess them vigilantly to maintain the integrity of this low-thought but a highly paid profession. No matter when and how many in numbers you require, these companies send you a team, which is multilingual, presentable, well dressed, polite, and honest. Whether you need it for daily households, or for a formal dinner, you will get perfect carriers, helpers or servers at much affordable rates.

Companies that are running this service providing companies have designed hourly, weekly, monthly or annual plans. Whatever suits you the best, go ahead! Ease up your life and give maximum time to your kids and family. You must have heard, “Your children deserve your presence, not presents”. This is where we lack when we are busy doing housekeeping. Therefore, it is best to get it done by some professionals. They are quick, efficient and responsible to do the needful.

What is meant by Housekeeping?

The word Housekeeping explains that the management of house chores, everyday duties involved in running a house smoothly is referred to Housekeeping. Moreover, the money you keep getting these services also comes in this branch. Say for instance, you are charged for housekeeping services at five star hotels so the amount you pay for the services you get is housekeeping charges. The person who does this job is a housekeeper. According to Mrs Beeton’s Book, a housekeeper is a second person in command in place where he or she is working. He or she has to represent their mistress. When it comes to a large organization or establishments, then housekeepers are commonly called as house steward. This is close to professional or official places.

Housekeeping Services include:

It includes housecleaning services like cleaning floors, washing dishes, disposing junk etc. but there is a lot more that comes under this panel. Some of the house or office cleaning services are listed below:

01. Deep cleaning
02. Removal of Litter
03. Dusting
04. Wiping
05. Glass cleaning
06. Windows and doors cleaning
07. Vacuuming
08. Management (depends)


If you are a working professional in UAE, and you are worried how to manage your house chores efficiently, look no further! All you need is to call one of these housekeeping services providing companies. They will help you get responsible and trustworthy maids within your budget.

Read this article to know more about housekeeping and house cleaning in UAE. This article sheds light on why it is important and when to take advantage of these paid services.

Rosa Snidow

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