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6 Important Things should Know Before You Pest Control Your Home Professionally

Whether it’s cooking, bathing or the simple act of washing dishes, there’s a gadget and an app for it. The same goes for house maintenance, thankfully so. However, the one thing we do believe shouldn’t be left blindly at the mercy of the beliefs from the dark ages is pest control. Why? Well, simply because if pests are not taken care of thoroughly, you put your house, your health and your well-being at risk. And let’s not even talk about what it does to your peace of mind. Let’s face it, the homemade solutions can only go so far, beyond which you really are at the mercy of professionals. However, before you make that frantic call, we think it’s best if you get a crash course in what to expect and what you should know about pest controlling.

Cleanliness is not going to fix everything

While cleanliness is the obvious trick to keep most pests at bay, do remember that it is not the ultimate solution. For instance, cleanliness may help you keep rodents at bay, but it does nothing to stop the ants. There are so many other factors like moisture, presence of food, pets etc. that come into play. So shrugging off pest control just because you have a sparkling clean house is almost the same as saying the sun doesn’t exist just because you can’t see it.

Sometimes, there are no preventive measures, only combative

For bugs especially, there’s nothing you can really do to keep them at bay. They are a bloodthirsty lot and they will find a way into your home, and make your life a nightmare. Pests like bedbugs gain entry through travel bags and coats; it doesn’t matter whether there’s moisture or no, or if there’s plenty food and garbage. All they need is you, and as romantic as that may sound, the relationship has to end.

Pest control is a team effort

Professionally pest controlling the house doesn’t mean you can finally sail into the sunset. The solution remains permanent only when you actually follow the measures you’ve been ordered to follow. If they tell you to fix that window, fix it immediately. The good men at the pest control company will do everything in their power to annihilate the problem, whether that annihilation remains permanent is something only you can control.

Don’t do what the novices do

If you don’t really know much about how to deal with the situation, you might as well hand it to the guy who does, instead of aggravating things further. It’s too common to see people pick the wrong solution to the problem only to now find structural problems in addition to the ones they already have.

Out of sight isn’t out of house

This applies to cockroaches, fleas and ants- the sneakiest pests that can be. Unlike rodents who actually wreak havoc and termites that always leave traces of sawdust; you’ll never notice a cockroach unless you actually see one crawling over your utensils. Therefore, blindly believing that you have no need for pest control whatsoever, is taking ignorance to a whole new level.

Obviously, settle for nothing more than excellent services

The professionals will stop at nothing to give you a fully pest-free home. They’ll use the right products and will deliver timely results, because they know that the same approach doesn’t work for all pests. Moreover, excellent pest controllers know the best way to address the issue right at its root. Also, don’t forget that the chemicals used in pest control can be quite lethal to human health too, especially if they’re the cheap kinds and are sprayed recklessly.

It’s always nice to not be blank when the pest controller is discussing the issue with you. Moreover, being well-informed things (like these) always makes the process easier for all parties involved.

Jaison Conphil

The author is this article, Jaison Conphil, works at Innovative Care of the Environment Inc., a decade-old firm providing pest control in Georgetown. Joana likes to write for her blogs in her spare time and enjoys traveling with her family.