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How to Create and Organize a Nursery for Twins the Right Way

As an expectant mother of twins, you are obviously bracing yourself for extrapolated joy and double trouble. Having a baby is an ordeal in itself and demands the highest levels of patience, prior planning and days of preparation; but when it comes to having twins, the entire experience becomes twofold and more. Keep reading on for smart and innovative ways of creating and organizing your nursery—so as to reflect the individuality and bonding of your twins alike.

Decorating a Nursery for your Twins

Decorating and stacking up a nursery for twins can be an exciting as well as challenging endeavor. Given below are some interesting options that promise to make the affair less stressful and more worthwhile.

Color it Cute

Let’s begin with the basics. Take a good look at the color palate on offer. The best way of keeping the identity of your twins separate is by choosing diverse but coordinated colors for the nursery’s walls, beddings and all that is within. For instance, if you are expecting twins of different sexes, then it makes good sense to play around with shades of pink and baby blue.

Choosing separate colors can be a lot of fun and creates a signature section for each baby. If you are twins are expected to be of the same gender, then you can go in for two distinct colors and frame the theme of your nursery around the same. You can use these colors to base your selection of nursery accessories and your babies’ personal belongings and toiletries too—provided they are not too outrageous!

Double Trouble

While decorating and organizing a nursery for twins, you need to understand and maintain the concept of “individuality in duality to the core. So, think of a double cot, double bunk beds for later use, double-sided mirror, toys having two faces and so forth. You can go hunting for same types of prams, cribs and other nursery items as well.

Fraternal twins can be Fun

If you are expecting fraternal twins, then you can look forward to a lot of fun and frolic coming your way. You can give vent to your creative streaks and go all out to create the right look and feel. So, go ahead and apply the cats and dogs theme or look for other contrasting ideas to create the right male-female divide. However if your twins are of the same gender, then a different superhero for either male child and a doll and princess theme for girls surely does the trick. You can get a lot of inspiration from fairy tale and comic characters as well.

‘Two’ Cute

Well, in most cases, mothers plan to put everything in twos in their twins’ nursery. However, there is no hard and fast rule for the same. Apart from purchasing stuff that requires absolute distinction like toothbrushes, bedding, feeding bottles and so forth; you can go ahead and organize a single section for things that can be easily distinguished. Apart from cutting down the clutter and cost, keeping common things in the same place also helps you save time and remain better organized!

Tips for Decoration

  1. Cute cubs, playful penguins and alluring giraffes–your twins’ nursery can look like a mini zoo, with colorful animals decorating its various walls, stuffed teddies lying at strategic spots and matching accessories making the ambience more pleasant and attractive.

  2. You can demarcate the different sections of the nursery with the help of different toys, furniture and other bearings—especially if you are going to have your son and daughter occupying the same room.

  3. As far as possible, strive to use eco friendly and soft/soothing colors to create a warm and appeasing environment.

  4. For ensuring high levels of baby safety, you must secure all bookcases, dresser drawers, shelves and the jutting corner’s of the nursery. With early precautions in place, you can be more relaxed as your kids outgrow their cribs and learn to crawl or yearn to touch objects placed beyond their reach.

  5. Essential accessories like a soothing baby night light make the night ambience perfect and provide the right light for your kids to be lulled into a deep slumber.

Finally, as you go about the task of creating and organizing your nursery– try to keep things as beautiful, practical and “kid friendly” as possible. All the best!