Here’s the surprising take on hostels (or studio apartments, rather), then!

As relevant as the option of booking a hostel for your son or daughter who’s prophesising to go to college shall seem as of current, there are comparatively cosier alternatives which won’t cost a fortune, if truth be told! That’s right, certain forms of lodging that cater to shelter on a more personalized level are now quite popular even with those of us who are average individuals, no doubt.

At this point of time, if you’re considering regular apartments and shuddering at the mere thought of a hefty monthly rent, you shouldn’t be! Welcomingly ushering signature studio apartments to the big picture, these multipurpose chambers are simply ideal for your budding student of a son or daughter to strive and thrive in all the way till graduation!

Nevertheless, what makes these minimalistic yet functional flats stand out from the rest? Here’s the lowdown; feel free to take a read!

First things first, however: what really defines a typical studio apartment?

Consisting of nothing more than a single room (complete with living quarters and kitchenette) with a bathroom attached, these types of homes are most desirably preferred by those who wish to live alone, along with other commitments that lay oriented towards a job or lectures.

Unlike conventional condominiums or even seemingly budget-friendly apartment homes, studio apartments are the most financially affordable option so far when it comes to residency.

Now that you’re aware of what a studio apartment is, what are some of the perks of living in one?

1) Your sense of privacy is abundant, unlimited and unperturbed: What with the amount of space that shall only be sufficient for a single person to inhabit, you’re son/daughter is henceforth entitled to total domination of his/her living quarters. Unlike that of a hostel, there shan’t be any troublesome need to tolerate a noisy or messy roommate out of obligation!

Apart from that, this separation (even if momentary) from friends or family members who otherwise occupy and accompany your child can paradoxically result to be a big boon in terms of instilling certain moral skills that can deem to be purposeful in his/her future – learning to harness the power of self-dependency is one of them as an example, undoubtedly.

2) With an inexpensive means of lodging such as this, many other options are bound to open up too:

One of these noteworthy options is the freedom to choose a location that is relatively metropolitan in terms of being an accessible hub for a variety of social amenities or even better yet – a hop, skip and jump away from college, owing to its compact and reasonably priced space!

While the excuse of a lower rent alone can turn out to be an encouraging reason to choose a studio apartment, little to most realize that many more factors for saving a few pennies in the long run is also in due course! Just think about it – while a smaller space shall mean a proportionately lesser rent, it also means lower utility bills and maintenance fees!

3) A close friend or family member is always welcome: Rest assured, cheeky tales of a parent, grandparent, sibling or friend trying to sneak into a fellow college student’s hostel dormitory for a day or two have been heard by all of us! In the case of a studio apartment, this can be history for one extra person can always be conveniently invited over, needless to say.

Lana Joseph

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