What Is A Granny Flat?

Most of us would love to have extra room in our homes, typically to house other members of the family, or just to get our own little space away from everyone else. With that being said, you may even want additional room in your property so you can rent out part of your home in order to earn a little extra income. If any of these scenarios sound ideal to you in your current living situation then you may want to consider a granny flat, as this is becoming increasingly popular. However, you may just be wondering what a granny flat is, so this post will help you to understand.

Granny Flats

The best way to describe a granny flat is as an extension to a home, which is built on the same plot of land, but can be used as a completely separate self-contained home. Basically, it is the same as having a second, but smaller, home on your property. You can put a granny flat just about anywhere you please, depending on building regulations and laws, but they are most commonly located towards the back of a property. This way the “secondhome” can share the back garden with the main house or you may even consider fencing part of the garden off so both parties have their own individual backyard. However, the way in which a granny flat is built and the garden is separated will be dictated by your local council.

What Can You Expect to Find in a Granny Flat?

It is, of course, up to you what you put in a granny flat, but as this is a self-contained property you will usually see the following things:

  1. A bedroom and in most cases this will be just a single bedroom

  2. A living area, such as lounge or sitting room

  3. A kitchen

  4. A bathroom, which can either be completely separate or as an en-suite

  5. Some type of laundry area, which once again can be completely separate or as in many cases, either attached to the bathroom or kitchen.

Who Are Granny Flats For?

Given the name, you would generally expect a granny flat to house the elderly, such as ageing parents or grandparents. This allows them a certain amount of independence, while they are still close to their loved ones just in case they need any help, etc. However, to be completely honest granny flats are so versatile that just about anyone could live there. Granny flats are now also becoming increasingly popular for children who wish to move out of home for the very first time, but once again they have the opportunity to be near to their parents. Many homeowners also rent out granny flats to tenants and see this as the ideal way to make some extra money.

Granny flats can be created in just about any style or design, thus making them suitable for anyone to live in. You also have the opportunity to decorate the interior anyway you wish, so you can pick specific colours, furniture, fixtures and fittings that are most suited to the person or people who will be living there.