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Maintenance Procedures for Different Types of Window Blinds

Depending upon the location of your window blinds, it can be an effective dust and grime collector. Without proper cleaning and regular maintenance, your window blinds may become dirty and shorten its lifespan. Moreover, dirty window blinds can be a source of illness such as asthma and other allergic reaction.

With all these being said, it is very important that you know how to clean and maintain your window blinds. In this article, let us go through the most common types of window blinds and how it should be cleaned properly.

1.  Wooden blinds

When cleaning wooden blinds, you should not completely rinse it in any way since rinsing can lead to discoloration. Thus you need feather duster, clean soft cloth or a vacuum brush to clean a wooden blind. In addition to this, you can use lemon oil as well to maintain the wood’s luster. You can also buy any preservative chemicals to increase the longevity of your wooden blinds.

2. Faux wood blinds

Another type of wooden blinds is the faux. It is easier to clean this type of wooden blind as you only need vacuum brush, soft cloth, and feather duster. If you have any problem with getting into the deep spot, you can easily address by using warm water concocted with mild detergent powder. Get a clean cloth and dip it to the water and reach for the difficult spot. After that, make sure to dry the blinds thoroughly.

3. Cellular shades

The same with faux wood blinds, you can clean your cellular shades with vacuum brush, soft cloth, and feather duster. The same thing as well when you want to reach of the hard-to-reach part of the shades, you can use damp cloth dipped in water with mild detergent.

4. Woven wood window blinds

The main enemy of woven wood blinds is moisture which can warp or tarnish the wood. To get rid of the dirt and accumulated dust, you can use feather duster, soft cloth, and vacuum brush. Remember not to rinse your woven wood.

5. Venetian window blinds and vinyl window blinds

When cleaning Venetian and vinyl window blinds, you need to use mild detergent solution. Make sure you do not add unnecessary moisture to the blinds. After using cleaning with a damp cloth, dry the blinds adequately. A simple feather dust and vacuum brush can easily solve the problem.

6. Mini blinds

Most mini blinds are easier to clean because they are made of aluminum. With the use of feather duster, you can simply remove the dirt from its smooth surface. In some instances, you can use chemicals or mild detergent solution if there are stubborn spots that are hard to get rid of.

These are some of the common ways to clean window blinds. If haven’t noticed yet, the cleaning principle for these window blinds are almost identical.

Normally, there are instructions on how to clean your window blinds that comes upon purchase. The wisest thing to do is follow the instruction manual since it is created by the manufacturer itself. If all else failed, you can refer to the information I mentioned above.