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A Cleaning up Session for Your Indoor Air

Have you ever asked yourself what is the quality of air in your home ? If not take you time and reconsider the importance of the indoor air.  To preserve a regular good quality of the air in the house it is essential to establish some ways in which to maintain the good quality of the air inhaled .

Because the clean air is a major factor for possessing a healthy home environment. These are some steps in order to feel a fresh indoor air.

1.Plants Plants tend to be a natural way to ensure a clean air .So our advice is to add as much plants as possible, of course take into account the space in the room. It is good to know that there exists those plants like philodendron or Chinese Evergreen which particularly clean the air and improve its quality. As a whole plants are always a good source of freshness and are a pleasant view for the eye

2.Smoking indoors As far as smoking is concerned  it is needless to say that if you respect yourself enough, smoking indoors should not be allowed. Tobacco smoke contains thousands of indoor pollutants which can really decrease the quality of the air inhaled. If by any chance a tobacco smoke happens to be indoors , ensure a blast of fresh air for at least 10 minutes , by opening a window or a door.

3. A humidity question It is an unknown fact that the humidity in the air can be  a factor for the growing up of the contaminants. To avoid this happening , simply check around the house if there is something leaking – if so remove the problem and enjoy your fresh indoor air.

4 Natural cleansers When you clean your home  try using natural cleansers such as baking soda,vinegar and other alternative methods. If you use the standard chemical substances they will surely contaminate the indoor air more than you can imagine  There exist enough non-toxic ways to clean  properly your home.

5.The importance of the air filters In order to have a good quality of your indoor air never forget to change the the air filters or to choose suitable ones for you and your family. Do not underestimate the roles of these air filters because they are specially needed when a member of the family suffers from an allergy.

6. The air ducts.  The air ducts may also appear to be an important factor for the freshness of the indoor air. If you haven’t recently cleaned your air ducts  we strongly advice you to do so or at least to find a professional help for solving this problem.

7.Mop the floor Apart from vacuuming the floor regularly you also must use the mop because the vacuum cannot collect the dust entirely. Use a clean cloth with some water and mop the floor at least twice a week.

These are some simple steps to sustain a clean and fresh indoor air. However to maintain this you should establish these actions as a habit and make this sessions a part of your daily life. The indoor air has its major influence on the inhabitants of the home so it is recommended to reconsider all the details around it.