Use Contemporary Design In Your Bathroom

Modern materials and contemporary designs can transform even the most out-dated bathroom into a sleek and fresh room. Dull spaces become vibrant and appealing with judicious matching of color and texture. By moving past paint and monotone tiles, the bathroom can become a point of interest within your home. Hand-crafted mosaics and natural stone work can be incorporated into back splashes or stone counter tops that subtly add interest to the room.

Minor And Cost Effective Updates

The look of dated bathrooms can be updated inexpensively. Instead of switching out the major items, view the minor details and begin by transforming them. For example, when you are dealing with exposed pipes the application of color can work wonders. To make them disappear, simply paint the same color as the rest of the room. Alternately, a simple way to add interest to the room is to apply a contrasting color and let them pop against the background.

Simple fixes can instantly improve the look of the bathroom. Try swapping out the old faucets and shower heads in a sleeker design. Follow through by replacing the handles on your cabinets to change to overall personality of the room. Once you’ve found a design that you like, you can also switch out the toothbrush holders and soap dishes for a more finished feel.

Add pictures and photos to your completed room. This is an excellent way to introduce color and provide interest. If you don’t have one already, add an additional small mirror for light reflection to make the room appear brighter and larger than it really is.

Create A Focal Point With A Feature Wall

Most bathrooms are small and you can easily overdo the design process. If you are planning a mosaic, restrict it to your feature wall. If the mosaic spreads too far throughout the room, it will be overpowering. When placed on one wall or within a corner, it can become an interesting focal point.

When designing the tile work, make sure that you create a pattern. Traditional bathrooms used the black and white checkerboard design. You can update this look by switching to smaller tiles with high gloss and placing this design on a single wall. Paint the remaining walls a neutral or white to dampen down the effect.

If you are really artistic, you can fashion a scene from the small mosaic tile pieces or paint a mural on a single wall. I’ve seen attractive floral designs that have started at the floor and extended to the ceiling. These project can take ages to complete so you’ll need to have a solid plan in place before you begin.

Earth Tones In The Bathroom

Earth tones can transform a room. Strip down the room to its bare essentials and paint a base coat of neutral color such as white, beige, or cream. Accessorize the room with wicker or bamboo or other naturally woody colors. Complete the look with the rich greys of natural stone.

Greenery adds a vital finishing touch. Houseplants such as ferns, palms, and spider plants flourish in the moist environment. Not only will the addition of plants make your house healthier by breathing life-sustaining oxygen into the home, they will also bring a sense of peace to your home.

If your bathroom has good natural light, tropical plants such as Caladiums, or angel wings, from South America will enhance the look in more ways than one. First of all, they add interest by including the color green. However, since their leaves are so distinctive they add a layer of complexity to the room. Look for plants whose leaves are multicolored and have an interesting shape.

Should You Select A Bath Or A Shower

Most bathrooms have to tub shower combination. If you have enough room, consider adding a walk-in shower with clear glass. These structures can instantly modernise the room and make getting ready for work in the morning a breeze.

Bathrooms should be functional but they can also be designed to enhance that functionality. Modern design focuses on simplicity and tonal differences. Simple fixes can really improve the overall look.

Geoff Roy

By Geoff Roy Geoff Roy provides handy advice for designing modern luxury bathrooms for your home.