Bathroom Remodel Design for Winter

There is more to bathroom remodel design than just ripping off fixtures and replacing them. You need to take an extended look at your entire bathroom in order to be successful at your remodeling project. Ripping everything apart might be unnecessary especially for those working with a limited budget. Another illusion you must overcome is that it’s not a must to settle for a complex bathroom remodeling design. The most important thing to have is a clear and detailed concept of exactly what you want.

From high-end bathroom features to warm colors, you can surely keep the cold away in spirit and body. The last thing you want is to walk into your bathroom and have a cold tile chill all toastiness from your feet this winter. During the cold season, you must look for all possible ways to raise the temperature of your body and bathroom.

Here are some great bathroom remodel design suggestions to remodel your bathroom and fight away the cold this winter:

Consider Adding a Cozy Rug

Bath mats don’t have to shaggy little rectangles. To enjoy an underfoot during winter and fall, consider adding a rug to your bathroom. Rich colors normally warm your bathroom’s entire look.

Additionally, consider adding a rug tape or rug pad that grips the floor below your bathroom rug. It goes miles in preventing slips.

Consider Heated Floors

Investing in some radiant-heating flooring is one of the most effective and luxurious things you can do to warm your bathroom in the chilly weather. If you find it expensive, you can consult your electrician regarding installing a bathroom heater which you can always turn on prior to your shower or bath.

Be Creative when it comes to Lighting

It’s normal to think there’s a particular kind of characterless light to use in your bathroom. While that might be the case, you need to open your mind. Browse the kind of lighting you’d associate with a dining room or foyer.

If you opt to install a pendant light or hanging chandelier in your bathroom, then you need to hire a licensed electrician that perfectly knows the codes. Chandeliers can’t be within your reach if you’re standing in your bathtub. Additionally, make sure that fixtures are grounded properly. Finally, yet importantly, ensure that the ceilings are high.

Play with Beautiful Natural Materials

There is beauty and magic associated with soapstone sinks. You can add them to wood countertops in order to add much warmth to your bathroom. Ever thought of the natural beauty of rocks outcropping inside the woods? That’s exactly what you get whenever you blend beautiful natural materials.

Consider Investing in bathtubs that help retain heat

Items or materials such as soapstone, volcanic limestone, brass, and copper usually retain heat. They help keep your hot bathwater warm while enjoying your sweet wine or new issue of your favorite magazine.

Revamp the Wall Color

Most of today’s beautiful bathrooms are white and crisp. However, this is certainly not mandatory. Regardless of whether you’re working with a tile, paint, or coverings, you should think outside the box. Keep away the conventional bathroom color palettes. This is especially true if the sheer thought of white marbles usually leaves you cold.

Think about Installing a Steam Shower

Installing a steam shower is surely a big-ticket dream-space material/item. You can rest assured that it’d be heavenly. That is for sure.

In the winter, most if not all parts of the country experience extreme cold conditions. Keeping your bathroom warm is what you need to do. To help you do that, you need to initiate the above bathroom remodel design and strategies. Do so and experience the magic behind it.