Swimming pool

Main Benefits Associated With Remodeling Your Pool

Everyone loves spending hot summer days in a cool and refreshing swimming pool, not to mention hosting and attending parties with friends or family poolside. Many have fond memories with others, either as a child or as an adult, attending a swimming party. Having a modern, up-to-date pool makes a huge difference in what you remember and the experiences you and others have. Years of exposure to the elements and chemicals can cause a pool to lose the visual appeal it once had when it was first finished. While it’s true that remodeling a pool takes significant time and energy, the benefits are worthwhile.

One major benefit of putting in the effort to remodel is for the increased safety. Pool safety is essential, especially if you have young children. Installing a decorative net or fence is a way to provide a barrier for children when adults are not around, providing a peace of mind many parents enjoy. Anti-entrapment equipment is important not only to prevent debris from causing damage to the pool system, but also to prevent hair and limbs from being sucked and pulled toward the drain. Lighting can not only improve the ambiance, but it also increases safety by illuminating tripping hazards and obstacles in the water. This can be done using LEDs, which don’t require a lot of electricity and are easy to maintain.

Another major benefit of remodeling a swimming pool is the value that it will add to the property. Swimming pools can add between 8 and 15 percent to the value of a home. Pools that are well maintained and compliment the style of the residence can be a deciding factor when a buyer is choosing between one home or another. Swimming pool remodels can be as simple as updating lighting, adding decorative patio furniture, and putting in a slide or a diving board. Plus they can be more involved to include the addition of a spa to the side of your pool, changing the shape of the pool, or adding decorative decking.

Upgrading to a pool that requires less maintenance is yet another benefit that saves valuable time and decreases the effort that’s required. Having a pump that is connected to an automated control system that turns the pump on and off at a desired time eliminates the time needed to manually turn the pump on, wait for it to finish, and then turn it off. Having a large pump basket with a clear lid allows the owner to see when it needs to be cleaned and also gives a clear view to the water volume moving through the pump. With a robot cleaner, you no longer have to manually clean your pool once a week. While the cleaner is scrubbing the walls and bottom of the pool, it allows more time to relax and enjoy the day or get more things done around the house.

While some of the modifications can be done relatively quickly by the homeowner, other upgrades require a professional installer. Be sure to carefully investigate the qualifications and reputation of installers before making a final decision to ensure you get the results you expect.


My name is Mike, I'm a pool repair expert in Chandler, Arizona and in my free time I like to share information about backyard pools, including tips on maintenance, remodeling, and repairs.