How to Create Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

According to the traditional Feng Shui books, bathroom is a part of your home that should be closed off. That was the case because bathrooms were considered negative places. But things are a bit different today. We got a chance to enjoy our spa-like bathrooms that certainly aren’t to be considered negative places. Not only this, but recent Feng Shui trends also encourage homeowners to try to get the most out of their bathrooms. With that being said, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t aim at turning your bathroom into a real inspiring place. If you decide to do this, make sure you keep reading.

Add Some Earth Elements

According to Feng Shui’s five elements theory, mirrors represent water. So with mirrors and tap water, there’s too much water elements in bathrooms. In the controlling cycle, water is much weaker than earth. This means that having too many water elements in your bathroom can create an imbalance. Luckily, adding some earth elements into your bathroom isn’t too difficult. All you need to do is introduce some yellows, golds, and taupes to the color of your bathroom wall. Another thing you can do is add some darker earth tones as well. If you still think there’s not enough earth elements in your bathroom, you can also get some brown towels and rugs.

Close Your Toilet Lid and Plug the Drains

One of the reasons why bathroom can be a difficult room for creating good Feng Shui is that there are so many openings that energy, also known as Chi, can escape through. Still, today there are ways to prevent this from happening. There are plastic drain covers in most of the hardware shops which are used to plug the drain when they’re not in use. Besides the drains, Chi can also escape through your toilet. So, if you want to retain all the energy in your bathroom, you should make sure your toilet lid is always closed. By doing plugging the drains and closing your toilet lid, you’ll create a good flow of Chi inside your bathroom.

Keep Your Bathroom Neat and Orderly

If you want to keep Chi flowing in your bathroom, you should always keep it neat and orderly. First of all, you should try to get rid of all the clutter you can. If you enjoy spending time in your bathroom, you should always aim at having a clutter-free countertop that is pleasant to look at. Of course, this doesn’t mean your bathroom countertop should be completely empty. Putting an attractive soap dish, nice-smelling soaps and a silk orchid on your bathroom countertop is always a great idea. Just make sure you choose something that will fit in with the rest of your bathroom.

Create a Peaceful Ambience

No matter which Feng Shui school you apply, it’s important that you’re able to relax and enjoy in your bathroom. And there are many different ways to do this. First of all, you should think about installing a dimmer switch. In case you do this, you’ll be able to crank up the light while getting ready for work but you’ll also be able to dim the lights in the evening and relax in your bathtub. Playing music in your bathroom is also never a bad idea. There are waterproof speakers you can get and place near your bathtub, so you can always listen to some relaxing tunes while taking a bath. Another thing you can do is get some scented candles or bath salts for your bathroom.

Get Some New Features

If you’re looking to change the way your bathroom looks completely, getting some new features is always a great idea. No matter what feature you’re looking to buy, those with some earth colors are always the best choice. When buying new bathroom cabinets, you should always try to choose ones with golden or taupe hardware. Also, if you’re buying a washing machine, you should always aim at choosing the quietest one. As mentioned above, your biggest goal is supposed to be to keep the energy flowing in your bathroom. So the most important thing to do when freshening up your bathroom is to choose bathroom supplies that will fit in nicely.

The process of retaining energy in your bathroom is supposed to ensure that you stay in good mood as well as increase your personal luck factor. Make sure you do all of the above mentioned things and you’re guaranteed to end up with a bathroom with great Feng Shui.

Diana Smith

My name is Diana. I'm a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. Since I spend a lot of time at home (especially in the kitchen) I always look for low cost ways to improve the space for me and my family. Sometimes is just a small change like colorful curtains or new sofa pillows and sometimes I try to find a good way to organize small space.